Young female elf, incredibly bubbly intelligent and keenly observant but with no stomach for combat. Her observational skills are without peer, noting the smallest details about a person and what they could mean, as well as determining details about the environment with tricks like throwing sawdust in the harbor to determine current direction.
According to her she grew up as a child of Korvaire, travelling the continent with her merchant parents ignoring the war and the borders it drew up. Her family traded in luxories and items made hard to come by because of the war and trade restrictions, although she adamantly testifies that her Dadda did not trade in weapons.
Her parents appear to have met a tragic end, as she alludes to their death thanks to ingrateful bandits. She has tremendous animosity towards bandits and thieves as a result.
She is quite upbeat, flirtatious and funny; quite the contrary of her travelling partner Cimozjen Hellekanus. She makes a living selling stories to the Korranberg Chronicle, and occasionally writing biographies of self-important nobles to make ends meet. Ever after the next great story she loves adventure and jumps at any chance she has to unravel the knot, as she says.

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