Misc Point Of Infinity Work

I'm trying to create an index of people and places as the game progresses, please feel free to add your own or anything I've missed and i'll update the list as applicable.

The Street-kind Charity Ball - A charity event held annually.

The Amber Eye- An organisation operating out of Callestan that specialise in prostitution. At war with The Tyrants.
Black Claw Tribe - The tribe of urban barbarians from Fallen that Ajax is/was a part of.
Blood Drinkers - A tribe of particularly vicious urban barbarians from Fallen.
Boromar Clan - A criminal organisation, primarily halflings.
Daask - A criminal organisation, mainly operated by monsters from Droaam.
Deathsgate Guild - An adventurers guild based in the Deathsgate district of Sharn.
d'Cannith, Frehsys - Master Artificer of House Cannith, from the very beginning of the story.
d'Cannith, Martell - Agent of House Cannith.
ir’Demell, Cathan - The Lord Mayor of Sharn
Dh’urg, Fezzal - A hobgoblin contact of Martell d'Cannith.
Emtaiurn, Reordyn - Chief Counsel to the head of the Amber Eye.
Erunn - A mage of some sort by his appearance. A member of the Deathsgate Guild.
Gaze, the - A large bordello, Auspice Street, Juniper Tower, Castellan, Lower Dura. Home of the Amber Eye.
Joy Street Hostel - A safe house ran by the order of the Long Arm.
Penchurst, Katerina - An elven healer.
Krellson, Leftan - A human fighter, works for the Amber Eye.
Hippogriff’s Wing, the - Songbird Avenue, Talan Tower, Hareth’s Folly, Middle Dura. A tavern.
Kuinhon, Pearl - An elven entertainer of House Thuranni.
Kuinhon, Melara - Pearl's baby daughter.
Long Arm - A monastic order that focuses on entertainers and performers.
Needle - A warforged leather worker from Blackbones. He has a workshop near Anvil's home.
Nithrandel - One of the Thuranni enclave's hosts.
Painted Heart, the - A sleazy tavern in the Greyflood area of the Cliffside District. A regular haunt of Fezzal Dh’urg.
Melarmot, Selman and Harriet - Kapek's elderly neighbours in Little Plains.
Slaughterman's Delight - A tavern in the Firelight District.
Thuranni Entertainers Guild - Long Dance Way, Thuranni Tower, Dragon Towers, Upper Menthis. Thuranni Enclave.
d’Thurrani, Velseth - An elven agent working with Martell d'Cannith, keeping an eye on the group.
Tyrants, the - A changeling operated criminal organisation. In a covert war with the Amber Eye.
Vaenya - A roguish looking elf with a slight condescension in her smile. Of some importance in the Deathsgate Guild.
Wenst, Tarajarl - A dubious elven information collector of House Thuranni.

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