Mithral Tower

District Type: Wealthy residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (250), average residences (30)
First Impression: The homes in this district are large and well kept, showing clear signs of great wealth. True to the district’s name, many of the houses boast mithral filigree.
Social Class: Upper class
Mithral Tower is Sharn’s most desirable downtown residential district, comparable to the more
suburban Oak Towers and Crystal Bridge districts in Upper Northedge.

Tomollan Estate: Mithral Tower’s most noteworthy resident is its representative on the city council, Javan Tomollan (LN male human expert 8). Tomollan made his fortune working for House Lyrandar arranging trade agreements, but he no longer maintains friendly contacts with that house. He remains one of Sharn’s wealthiest citizens, and the Aurum actively seeks to recruit him for their Platinum Concord—so far, unsuccessfully.

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