Monsters In Eberron

This page will be a collection of all Monsters that inhabit the D&D world, and where they fit into my Eberron campaign setting.
Non-Standard Eberron Monsters

Name Type Area/Environment CR Source Note
Carrionstorm Undead Raven Swarm Anywhere with undead 1 Pathfinder #2 pg 83 Was on Wolfran Island
Devilfish Large Aquatic Magical Animal Coasts or deep sea 4 Pathinder #7 pg 80 Fiendish Squid, Associated with Dagon
Soul-Bound Doll Small Construct Anywhere 2 Pathfinder 2 pg 84 Takes on trait of creator

Standard Monster's Places in Eberron

Name Type Area/Environment CR Class Levellable? Source Note
Aboleth Aquatic Aberration (Psionic) Water 7 Yes Monster Manual and Expanded Psionic Handbook Ancient Fiendish Rulers of the Sea
Sahuagin Aquatic Humanoid Water 2? Yes Monster Manual Virtually Rule the Thunder Sea, class levelled
Kobold Small Reptilian Humanoid Underground 1? Yes Monster Manual Descended from the great Dragons

Mounts, Animal Companions and Familiars

Name Type Area/Environment CR Source Note
Kodo Huge Animal Talenta Plains 4 Pg 61 Manual of Monsters (Warcraft) Could also be lizardfolk mount
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