New Spell List
Name Level Effect Source
Breath of the Deep Druid 5 Initial 1d6 con dmg, 1d6/round acid dmg + Nausea Cloud 20 ft radius A Touch of Evil 5, Kobolds pg 25
Conceal Poison Asn 1, Brd 1, Clr 1, Drd 1, Rgr 1 Hides poisons A Touch of Evil 5, Kobolds pg 25
Extract Poison Asn 2, Clr 4, Drd 3, Rgr 2 Extracts Poison Safely A Touch of Evil 5, Kobolds pg 25
Fertility Clr 6, Drd 5, Community 5 Ensures healthy pregancy at cost to childbearer's health A Touch of Evil 5, Kobolds pg 26
Summon Ancestral Spirit Clr 5, Sor/Wiz 5 Summon Kobold Ancestral Spirit A Touch of Evil 5, Kobolds pg 26

Artificer Infusion

Name Level Effect Source
Ablative Armor Artificer 1 Reduce damage from next attack by 5 + caster level (max 15) Magic of Eberron
Indisputable Possession Artificer 1 Call an item back to your hand if it leaves your possession. Magic of Eberron
Metamagic Scroll Artificer 1 Imbue spell completion item with metamagic feat. Magic of Eberron
Pending Potion Artificer 1 Target potion or oil takes effect at a later time. Magic of Eberron
Elemental Prod Artificer 2 Move an elemental creature a short distance. Magic of Eberron
Lucky Blade Artificer 2 Weapon grants a single reroll of an attack. Magic of Eberron
[[[spell:Reinforce Construct Artificer 2 Construct gains 1d6 + 1/level temporary hit points. Magic of Eberron
Suppress DragonmarkF Artificer 2 Suppress the spell-like abilities of target’s dragonmark. Magic of Eberron
Adamantine Weapon Artificer 3 Transform weapon into adamantine. Magic of Eberron

Blast Rod: Infused rod stores 1d8/level destructive
Lucky Cape: Cape grants a single reroll of a saving throw.
Spell Snare: Dragonshard absorbs a spell or spell-like ability
of up to 3rd level.

Censure Elementals: Deal 2d4 + 1/level damage each
round to elementals.
Concurrent Infusions: Cast three 1st-level infusions

Cleric Spells

Druid Spells

Name Level Type Effect Source
Binding Winds Druid 2 Evocation (Air) Bind a target with whipping winds Spell Compendium, page 27

Sorceror/Wizard Spells

Name Level Type Effect Source
Ice Dagger Sorcerer/wizard 1 Evocation (Cold) 1d4 cold damage per level + splash Spell Compendium Page 120
Arms of Plenty Sorceror/Wizard 3 Transmutation 2 extra arms grow 1round/level Lords of Madness page 209
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