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February 25, 2012
I finally got wireless access on my laptop, hopefully this means that I'll be able to work on the site in my down time. I'm also working on a video game set in my Age of Ascension campaign setting which I am calling "Generations of Oaktown"; so I may be spending a majority of my time building that instead, but when I need a break I'll come back to this.
Just did a long personality test to determine what D&D character I was, on THIS SITE. Turns out I'm a fourth level lawful good human sorcerer. Kinda funny in that's usually what I normally play in my games, or something similar. Here's my character sheet.

September 3, 2011
Well that was fun. Just noticed that links which previously had apostrophes in them, like Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, were broken. The old wiki syntax used to treat an apostrophe as a space, so it would become a hyphen in the address. The new syntax simply ignores the apostrophe, making every one of those old links broken and orphaning a lot of pages. So I ended up spending over 2 hours skimming through spell lists and looking at orphaned pages, trying to sort this out. Way more of a chore than I wanted today. On the bright side, it did bring to my attention a few areas which need development, so I'll be able to work on that.
Went to fanexpo in Toronto last week, hence the lack of significant updates. Met some really awesome people who gave me all kinds of encouragement and ideas regarding my D&D games, writing and especially my new painting hobby. Also joined in on a Shadowrun game at the con; it was my first time being at a con let alone playing a PUG RPG at one and I had a lot of fun. Almost made me want to DM a game of Shadowrun, but I have enough hobbies pulling me apart as it is, although I would love to play in another one.
I would like to get a Play-By-Post game going in the forum at some point, it's pretty dead in there, and has been forever. If anyone stopping through has an interest, I would be more than happy to GM, just drop a line in the forum. You don't even need to be a member of the site to post so you don't have to wait to be accepted or anything.

August 31, 2011
Added a very worthwhile cause to the sidebar, the support of JourneyQuest by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. They produce the awesome D&D spoof JourneyQuest and are associated with the production team, Dead Gentlemen, who made one of my favorite movies of all time, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. They have adapted an unusual business model with this, relying solely on direct community support and interest, with no studio support or rules, on the idea that if the community loves it, it won't get cancelled. Give whatever you feel it's worth, and check out the show on youtube.

August 17, 2011
Finished up the Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List, something I've been chipping away at FOREVER. It compiles all the spells from the PHB and Spell Compendium, something I always felt was super annoying to switch back and forth between while making NPC wizards. Next up, the Cleric Spell List.

August 10, 2011
Started going through the content overview on Google Analytics to see what areas have been getting the most traffic so I can update them. Surprisingly a lot of people were making use of the List of Materials used for construction, which was just a disorganized info dump. I cleaned up that and will continue to update it, as well I will be reorganizing and expanding on the Special Materials and Gemstones pages, as a combination of those 3 pages can help you make some good flavor text for custom magic items or dungeon/village/city descriptions. As always, if you have anything you would personally like expanded on, or suggestions for content, please message me.
Historical Note: I took a look at a comparison between web traffic to this site over the last month, and the same time period 2 years ago. This last month we received 10,831 visits, whereas two years ago I just got 1,856, almost a 600% increase in traffic. I'd like to thank everyone for your patronage and hopefully continue helping you guys out and entertaining you with our games. I've been running this site since 5 March 2008, just over 3.5 years, and it always surprises me just how much people actually use what I initially intended as just to be a resource for my own gaming group.

August 6, 2011
Finally finishing up my leadership course at work, which means my schedule is freeing up again! Will start updating the site again on a hopefully regular basis until my deployment overseas.
A big welcome to the newcomers who applied for membership, I look forward to seeing your contributions in the future! Don't hesitate to send me, Tukadian, a message with any questions, or post in the forums. I apologize if I'm not the quickest to answer due to my other commitments, but I will get back to you.
Also! I have finally upgraded to wikidot's pro account using cash out of my own pocket. What this means is that I now have ad control on the site and any others I am associated with. So if you do see any malicious links or ads which are suspicious or just right out to lunch, please let me know so I can block the URLs. I don't need ad revenue badly enough to be posting links to scams or spyware/virus riddled sites.

April 13, 2011
!! Finally got Sharn all written up! All the districts are done, took almost 50 hours of writing total, spread over 2 years, but finally done. Now I'm just going to go back through to standardize and clean up the district entries and update the list of Sharn NPCs and Sharn Shops. Very happy to have that enormous chunk of work off my checklist.

April 8, 2011
Yeah, obviously been a little while since I did any work to this site, been pretty busy at work with courses and going to the field. Not letting up anytime soon either so updates will be pretty patchwork over the next 4 months as I balance my career, boxing and the videogame I'm designing. Hopefully going to be working on it a bit over this next week or two.
Finally got the Armor page completely updated with all the PHB armors, now I can start working on putting on the supplements.

November 28, 2010
Just started doing my distance learning for the next two weeks and then on to winter leave, so I'm hoping i'll be able to get a decent amount of work done on the site over the next 6 weeks. Of course I'll also be spending time working on my RPG, but I'm not DMing our current D&D game so that frees up a ton of time for me to do other things. Anyway, just wanted to hop on here and officially welcome Connor to the site and thank him for the work he's been doing on Sharn and it's districts, you rock dude!

August, 2010
Back to working on the website after a good month break for summer leave. Isla Mogrova and Cliffton are developing nicely thanks to the Running a Kingdom rules from the Pathfinder Kingmaker AP, also with my Ruling an Island modifications I think it'll make a pretty fun game. Got a bunch of new Pathfinder products, a couple of which should be fun for our B Team game, Plot Twist Cards and an Arena Flip-mat are a few examples of them. I'm excited to use the Plot Twist Cards, should add a bit of chaos to our games, which are never lacking in that department anyway.
Finished the Summon Monster list for all the core monsters finally, now just to add an entry for each one. Working on sorting out the loot table and write-up for Chapter 23 and the resultant Isla Mogrova Palace Treasury now, hopefully I don't get too sidetracked and actually finish them soon. Island Heroes for Hire is also developing to populate the island with random adventurer contractees, which is fun. The forums have been seeing some activity with the island's administration being taken care of on them. Also figured out some cool site tools to use to help me figure out what needs to develop on the site, like Wanted Pages.

July 10, 2010
Getting a bit of work done now. I am working my way through the Player's Handbook and making an entry for each spell, going alphabetically now, I'm to the end of the B's… Phew, lotta work. Started working on Cliffton and sorting out the Isla Mogrova entry, just need to add in the recent History and solidify all the bonuses. I have a concept for The Black Chapel and the head priestess Darkusha, just need to fill in all the details now. Also, I made a massive entry for The Dark Six and their individual gods. Finally added entries for all the Special Materials that I had listed. Now I just need to write up the story of what happened from Chapter's 19 -23 in the invasion of the island, calculate experience and loot, and then we should be all caught up and ready to go with the B-Team storyline when the summer's over.

April 3, 2010
A lot of work got done to the site lately. Bert finished the Fighter Bonus Feats, as well as all the Player's Handbook Feats, and Caleb has been steadily chipping away at the Player Classes. Very much appreciated. I'm slowly working away at putting the spells from the PHB and Spell Compendium up, and I'm collecting Special Abilities. I figure this way you can easily make up custom classes or unique monsters by grabbing an existing special ability and tweaking it for your own personal use, like a mutant lizardman who has the Ankheg's Spit Acid ability, or whatever. I also really really want to put on all the Sharn Inquisitive articles, with our own little additions. Finally, Mike's Travelling Aquatic Acting Troupe is worth checking out.

March 2, 2010
Been doing a lot of work on the site lately, thank you march break. Noticed that Bert and Caleb have been adding a lot as well, notably to the Player Traits and Fighter Bonus Feats. Thanks a whole lot for that guys. :) Been trying to clean up everyone's character sheets and trying to fill out as many broken links as I can in the process. Also been trying my hand at making my own monsters and improving monsters by adding Hit Dice and so on. It is a lot simpler then the book makes it out to be, so hopefully I will eventually be able to put together a streamlined DIY guide for monster augmentation.

November 16, 2009
Very excited, getting my new computer tomorrow, so productivity should jump now that I won't be sharing a laptop anymore. Also thought I would welcome the gamers we are semi-hosting in our world; Point of Infinity. As part of my Living World goal, their game events will shape the world as they play alongside us. Also wanted to thank all of the regular users of this site, viewership has gone up in the last year from 900 visits a month to the current 2,500 visits monthly. Incredible when you think about it, in a year it has over doubled in popularity. I am extremely pleased with this site's recent success.
So that you can all be aware of my next goals, I have been steadily chipping away at the Monsters lists, Sorcerer and Wizard spells, the player classes, Warforged Components and recently, Blade Magic.

October 11, 2009
Finally finished my first great big ass project. Warlock Invocations has been updated with every invocation from Complete Arcane and Complete Mage, as well as an entry for each one. Also the Material Components list is coming along nicely, I finished updating Chapter 6 and started on Chapter 7. Once that's finished I really want to upload all the base player classes, possibly fill out some of the Dragonmarked Feats and work on Sharn and Wolf's Paw a bit. God bless long weekends.
Going to be working on a new Jimmy Boon movie this monday though, so my website production may take a hit. Who's going to stand in the way of art though? :P The new movie plot is absolutely ridiculous, and has something to do with Irish Pirates. Looking forward to it.

September 7, 2009
Just did our first pre-game session, chapter 6 yesterday. Got all of the character creation and administration out of the way, as well as the story preamble taken care of; which means we can dive right into the action in our next game! The story is going to take place overland throughout western Korvaire so the website will develop in that direction. Also I want to start working on the list of player classes and prestige classes over the next while.
Unfortunately I am going out in the field with my work for the next 3 weeks so there will be no updates until at least the 25th. Feel free to write in the forum or apply for membership though, I'll respond when I get back.
Heh, I just noticed that D&D Online has changed the title of the game to DDO Eberron Unlimited. Interesting coincidence.

Sons of Siberys News

April 20/10
Next Game: Thursday, 29th of April, my place.
Player Info: Isla Mogrova, Brelish Forces, Chapter 21
DM Info: Isla Mogrova Defenders, Enemy Occupied Devilfish Beach, Jurassic Park Z

November 17, 09
Next Game: Next game will be Sunday, 22nd Nov, at my place, usual 5:00 time.
Relevant updated information; Centerleft's Docent, Bounty List, Tarius Spellbook, Todd's Glasses, Torion's Wild Shapes and Sons of Siberys
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