North Market

District Type: Marketplace
Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Sovereign Host), shrine (Silver Flame), average lodging (9), average food (45), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (50), average trades (140), poor trades (40), upscale services (20), average services (60), poor services (20)
First Impression: North Market is one of the oldest business districts in Sharn. The cobblestone streets have been repaved time and again, and the walls of the towers are worn smooth with age. People always fill the streets, but there is less noise and bustle than one might expect from such a crowd; the locals are surprisingly patient and polite.
Social Class: Middle class

The open market of this district is one of the oldest in Sharn. In addition to local residents, crafters from the regions around Sharn come to sell their wares at the open market, and Far and Sar are excellent times to purchase textiles and other crafted goods. A marketplace permit costs 3 sp. Most of the businesses and merchants in the district follow solid, simple trades: blacksmiths, brewers, carpenters, and tailors who produce sturdy clothes for the lower classes. However, Lower Northedge is home to a signifi cant portion of Sharn’s shifter population, and there are a few exotic trades and restaurants catering to the shifting folk, including an apothecary who specializes in the proper care of fangs and claws.
In addition to the private businesses, there are a number of workhouses in North Market, primarily textile factories. The district also contains a small temple to the Sovereign Host, which primarily honors Kol Korran and Onatar.

The Shrine of Fathen the Martyr: In the early days of Sharn, Lower Northedge contained a strong network of wererats. When the Silver Flame sought to exterminate the lycanthropes, the cleric Fathen was instrumental in identifying the two-legged vermin infesting the city. In the final days of the crusade, Fathen uncovered a nest of wererats in North Market. Fathen was torn apart in the street, but somehow he granted the common citizens the power to bypass the lycanthropes’ resistance to injury and a mob of commoners defeated the creatures. The Church of the Silver Flame raised a shrine on the site of Fathen’s death, and to this day pilgrims come from across Khorvaire to pray at the martyr’s shrine. The shifters of Sharn are still bitter about the crusade, and there is often tension between shifters and followers of the Flame, especially on the day of Fathen’s Fall.
Kaira Faine (LG female half-elf cleric 5) maintains the shrine, as this former member of the church templars has grown too old to fight on the front lines. A follower of the Silver Flame who visits the shrine can ask Kaira to bless one weapon, or 20 bolts, arrows, or bullets. The priest asks for a donation commensurate with the pilgrim’s wealth, though paladins of the Flame are never required to pay the tithe. The blessed weapon gains the properties of alchemical silver for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. This effect lasts for 24 hours, and a particular individual can only receive the blessing once every week.
Any lycanthrope that enters the shrine must make a DC 30 Control Shape check or revert to animal form. This applies to both afflicted and natural lycanthropes.
The Bear’s Rest: An enormous shifter woman named Leara (N female shifter commoner 3) owns the Bear’s Rest inn. The inn is of average quality and price, but Leara gives a 20% discount to shifters. The inn has a remarkable collection of bearskins, including blankets, carpets, and wall hangings.
The Horse and Hearth: Travelers looking for food, drink, and shelter can find it all at the Horse & Hearth, a large inn and tavern maintained by House Ghallanda. The food and lodging are both of average quality, but extremely reliable. While it doesn’t have the colorful atmosphere of the local shifter establishments, the Horse & Hearth has the reputation of House Ghallanda behind it, and provides all the standard services the house is known for.
Gaidan d’Ghallanda (NG male halfling commoner 9) operates the inn. Gaidan possesses the Lesser Mark of Hospitality (purify food and drink, Leomund’s secure shelter), and two of his daughters have the Least Mark (prestidigitation and purify food and drink).
The Rat’s Nest: This tavern caters primarily to the shifters of Lower Northedge, and serves food and drink in the style of the Eldeen Reaches. The customers of the Rat’s Nest are more inclined to gossip than to violence; the shifters of Northedge are as industrious and honest as any other citizen of the ward. However, the presence of Fathen’s Shrine hangs over the tavern like a shadow, and the regulars have an unfriendly attitude toward any follower of the Silver Flame.
Shifters get a +1 circumstance bonus on all Gather Information and Knowledge (local) checks made in The Rat’s Nest.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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