The Darkwood Mask

The Inquisitives; The Darkwood Mask

Book 4

Author: Jeff LaSala

Status: Read

Back Cover: KARRNATH; A cold and unforgiving land. A prominent aristocrat and his entire family are murdered inn the heart of the capital city. Soneste Otansin, a young inquisitive famous for solving two high profile cases, is called in to track down the killer. The eyes of her realm are upon her, demanding swift and certain justice.
Tallis could have been a war hero, but fate dealt him a different hand. He survives on the streets, a wanted man in the land to which he devoted his life, unable to give up the fight. Even if it means hunting down the worst of the worst in Karrnath.

Setting: Korth in Karrnath with a few scenes in Sharn.

Timeline: Begins Sar, the 7th of Sypheros, 998YK, ending 6 days later on Far, the 13th of Sypheros, 998YK

Major Characters:
Tallis - A vigilante, framed for murder.
Soneste Otansin - The inquisitive hired to solve the murder.
Lenrik Malovyn - Tallis' friend, Elven priest of Aureon
Aegis - A warforged who was to protect the murdered aristocrat.
Jotrem Dalesek - Retired Karrnathi Major, now an inquisitive, ordered to accompany and assist Soneste.
Lord Charkoth Arkenen - Former director of secret Canntih Forgehold which blew up, disfiguring him. Renounced the house and now lives in Korth presiding over Arkenen Glass.

Minor Characters:
Thuranne d'Velderan - owner of PI service in Sharn, Soneste's employer.
Prelate Alinda Roerith - Head of Korth's cathedral to The Sovereign Host
Verdax - Artificer who deals with Tallis
Hyran ir'Tennet - Head of Korth's Justice Ministry
Gamnon ir'Daresh - Ambassador of Breland killed while travelling with family in Korth.
Vorik ir'Alanso - Owner of a tailoring house in Korth.

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