Thieves Of Blood

Blade of the Flame: Thieves of Blood

Book 1

Author: Tim Waggoner

Status: Reading

**Back cover: **One man searching for peace in a land that knows only blood.

Diran was once one of the most feared assassins in the land. But he has turned his back on murder, seeking the life of a wandering priest. But in a rough port town on the edge of the world, his past is about to catch up to him.

When raiders hit the town, capturing Diran's former lover, he must risk everything to save her. And he's running out of time - for these are no ordinary pirates bent on plunder, but minions of Erdis Cai, a warlord and servant of The Blood of Vol.
Setting: Lhazaar Principalities, opens in Port Verge
**Timeline: ** Unspecified

Major Characters: Diran Bastiaan - Main hero, Human Ex-Assassin, now priest of the Silver Flame.
Ghaji - Half-orc Warrior, Diran's friend and travelling companion
Makala - Diran's old lover, also an Ex-Assassin.
Yvka - Elf Female rogue, member of house phiarlan.
Erdis Cai - Leader of The Black Fleet.
Minor Characters:


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