Official NPCs

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Name Job/ Description Status/Location Notes Source (Info/Stats)
Haruuc Leader of Darguun Ruling Darguun If following Legacy of Dhakaan novels, may have status updates. See entry ?
Jaela Daran Keeper of the Silver Flame In Thrane N/a ?
Jesel Tarra’az Lady of the manor Tower, The Gray House At the Manor in Ocean View, Sharn. N/a ?
Lan Hazal Lord of The House of Hazal At the House in Graywall, Sharn Priest for Blood of Vol ?
King Kaius 3 King of Karrnath In Korth, Karrnath N/a ?

Sons of Siberys Game (Homebrew)


Also: Captain Meira, The Wayfinder Foundation Artificer translating the giant runes on Centerleft's docent, the sales associate for The Eternal Cogs, Vurry d'Cannith
Name Description Status
Auric Davian A Human inquisitive/bard Has been going from tavern to tavern telling stories, has even gotten a deal for a play which may surface sometime soon.
Brother Eli Human Cleric of the Silver Flame, Was a member of The Five under Captain Landas Since being removed from the corrupting influence of Captain Landas under the Fiendstone Shard's power he has begun to repent for the misdeeds performed by his unit. Is grateful to the party for breaking the hold over him. Currently in Flamehold.
Cadence A female type Warforged Bard Party met Cadence on the Lightning Rail trip to the Eldeen Reaches. She spoke with Centerleft for a time, telling him of the developments over the past years he was inactive. She was not heard from again until just recently when she met them in the ruined Mournland town of Kalazart in Chapter 15
Daellin Naiilo Elven Rogue who once adventured with Torion Was co-managing Wolfran Island with Torion, recently stopped returning messages sent through the two-way mirror system. Torion fears the worst for him.
Dash Dannigan Changeling Professor/Explorer at Morgrave University Is somewhat of an icon at the school, had short words with Todd after his speech following the Wolf's Paw trip.
Gallin d'Frin Old Brelish Army Artificer, Stationed at Sword keep Examined Centerleft and ascertained he had an unusual positive energy current running through his body. Chapter 8 In Chapter 16 Cadence relays that he has found out Centerleft is from no official creation forge and would like to speak with him again.
Geoffrey Davian Sgt. of the Sharn Watch, Callestan District; Human Fighter, Brother of Auric Davian Went on the Wolfran Island mission with Torion, after the torture he went through on the island he decided adventuring wasn't all it was cracked up to be and retired to active duty in the Sharn Watch.
Halden Mayor of Wolf's Paw Still running the underground lycanthrope railroad out of Wolf's Paw.
Lan Hazal Leader of House Hazal in Sharn Is aware of the party through his dealings with Tarius and word which travels through Sharn. Has taken an interest in them, particularily in [[[Tarius; will be speaking with them upon their return from the Mournland.
Lundragon Werebear Tavern Owner in Wolf's Paw Fought alongside in the party in the Wolf's Paw grand battle of Chapter 9. Currently in Wolf's Paw with his friend Halden
Nevimelk A Kalashtar Psion Used to Adventure with Torion, is now an influential member of the Wayfinder's Guild. Left on an expedition to Sarlona and has not returned yet.
Orion ir'Vadalis A werewolf lord, Bearer of the Siberys Mark of Handling, son of Ferrel ir'Vadalis Was brought to Wolf's Paw by the party, protected from The Five. Currently lives in the woods developing his powers, enriching the community of Wolf's Paw and serving as a protector to Shifters and good lycans in the area.
Traven An intelligent zombie which was once the caretaker of Wolfran Manor "Alive", wherabouts unknown. Last time he was seen he was travelling to Karrnath.
The Holglen A benevolent dimension hopping Demigod Was freed from his Mourning induced imprisonment by the party in Chapter 15, is grateful to the party and rewarded them with a sort of Wish spell. Is currently bouncing around Eberron attempting to find a way back to his home dimension.


Name Description Status
Captain Landas d'Medani Corrupt Half-elf Paladin of the Silver Flame; The leader of the lycanthrope hunters known as The Five Dead, Was burned to ash by a powerful lightning bolt summoned by Torion at the culmination of the Wolf's Paw massacre in Chapter 9
Katar A punching dagger wielding Lt. of the Lord of Blades Dead, killed by the party on the third day into the Mournland, Chapter 14
Pothikirothuros Very Old Feral Black Dragon encountered in the Mournland Now Half-blinded by Todd, is after the party with a terrifying vengeance
Zagodin Human Artificer, Excorciate of House Cannith Has been operating out of Metrol, supplying weapons of mass destruction through his guild/cult the Eternal Cogs
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