Oak Towers

District Type: Wealthy residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (244), average residences (36)
First Impression: The smooth lines of elven architecture can be seen throughout this district, and most of the towers are formed of polished densewood. Manors and palatial estates line the wide avenues, and private gardens can be seen stretching out on walled balconies.
Social Class: Upper class

Like Crystal Bridge, Oak Towers is a peaceful neighborhood that is home to many of Sharn's wealthiest citizens. The elven influence of Shae Lias is clearly visible in the architecture of the district, and much of the population is made up of elves and half-elves. Between the Sharn City Watch, private guards, and the magical wards employed by many of the households, oak Towers remains a quiet and peaceful district.

Stormwind Keep: This luxurious tower serves as the private estate of Dantian d'Lyrandar (male half-elf). Dantian, a trade minister for House Lyrandar, is second in influence to his aunt Solia. While Solia d'Lyrandar spends most of her time in the house enclave in Dragon Towers, Dantian prefers the luxury of Stormwind Keep. The house often uses Dantian's estate when hosting gala events or entertaining important guests. Dantian himself is a diplomatic individual, but primarily interested in furthering the economic and political power of his house. He has little interest in dealing with adventurers or other members of the lower classes.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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