District Type: Average residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (40), average residences (280), poor residences (40)
First Impression: Towers and houses of polished densewood fill this district. While simple in design, the buildings are comfortable and well designed, and the district has been carefully maintained. The streets are quiet and the people are friendly, and after a few minutes, it feels like home.
Social Class: Middle class

While the majority of the townhouses and apartments in Oakbridge fall into the “average” category, they are of the highest quality within that category. The district is not ostentatious and an Oakbridge address conveys no status on its owner, but the buildings are large, well constructed, and very safe, and the inhabitants are friendly and always keep an eye out for one another. If someone purchases a home in Oakbridge, within a week he has dozens of new friends.

Bright Wind: The people of Oakbridge are generally a social and outgoing group, but the friendliest inhabitants of the district are the members of Milana family, who live in a small, comfortable townhouse they have named Bright Wind. Jolan Milana (NG male human commoner 3) is a baker who sells his wares in High Hope, while his wife Sarina (NG female human commoner 3) is a seamstress who works out of their home. They have three young children: Jalina (female, 12), Mesin (male, 8), and Jeral (male, 5). Anyone who settles in Oakbridge soon receives a personal welcome from the Milanas. In time, the family may be used as a way to pull a party into an adventure. Perhaps one of the children goes missing or overhears a conversation she shouldn’t have. Maybe Jolan is infected with a Riedran mind seed. Or perhaps this friendly family is hiding a dark secret—a tie to a Radiant Cult or one of the Cults of the Dragon Below.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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