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Current Campaign: World of Conflict
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WoC Affiliations - A list of affiliations active in my custom campaign setting.
Religions of WoC - Core D&D gods with a smattering of others.


Martin - Eoin Cross - Human Fighter, Mercenary who recently did work for Ossian Army Trainers.
Berthelot - Fracas - Elf Druid, a pyomanac druid of fire charged with the protection of a fire elemental, [[[Skittles]] who is going to be an Heir to The Throne of the Fire Plane.
Knight - Geon Sarinious - Human turned Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut
Milbury - Horatio - Paladin of Heironeous.
Stream - Morgan FitzHolglen - Half-Elf/Gnome Sorceror

Deceased or Out of Game - Bertrand - Max - Human Ranger, Working for Ossian Military as a scout.
Berthelot - Homer - Human Rogue, working for Ossian Military as a spy. (Eaten by a Bulette while defending Shaqti Village)

Useful Info

Drakewatch - Home town of Players
Ossia - Home nation of players
Grandia - Main Enemy Nation

World of Conflict Bestiary - First hand knowledge of creatures encountered.

Working On
Grandia - Fill Out the Clans, Major Settlements
King's Crossing - Start filling out the thief factions, services available and basic layout.
Sky Stairway - Need a description as well as the temples in area
Fracas Rod of Wonder - The rod of Wonder possessed by Fracas
Last Chance Resort - The inn co-purchased by Morgan

World of Conflict Fan Fiction

Tukadian's Travels - By Doug (WoC Setting)
Grandia Grumbles for War - By Doug (WoC Setting)
The Triumph over the Tarrasque - By Doug (WoC Lore)

Character Journals

Story of Geon Sarinious - By Knight
Allies in a time of need - By Knight
Bahamut's Word-Geon's passages- By Knight

World of Conflict Bestiary - A collection of first-hand knowledge gathered by the party on various monsters.

Legendary Weapons

The Adamantine Ooze
The Forgotten Fist
Eriks Sword
Shina's Shield

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