“The Sovereign of Feast and Fortune,”
Neutral Good

The god of good fortune and plenty, Olladra is the most popular of the Host when things are going well, and one of the most reviled when they are not. She is the patron of gamblers, entertainers, and rogues, or anyone seeking good fortune. She is kind but fickle, and even her most faithful cannot honestly say what inspires her to grant her blessings to one person and not another. She is often depicted as a young halfling, sometimes as an elderly human, and occasionally as a black dragon. She is the wife of Onatar and the mother of Kol Korran and the Keeper.
Portfolio: Good fortune, feast, plenty.
Domains: Feast*, Good, Healing, Luck, Pride†.
Priest Training: Priests of Olladra require no specific skills or training beyond what all priests of the Host must possess. If someone can inspire others to accept him as a priest, clearly the god of fortune has already smiled upon him.
Quests: Olladra’s priests willingly assume great risks to prove their belief that luck will see them through. (Of course, Olladra’s luck seems to aid the prepared more often than those who trust blindly.)
Prayers and Rites: Olladra accepts any valuables but looks more favorably on sacrifices of items acquired through luck, such as gambling winnings or “found money.”
Shrines: Olladra’s shrines shine with riches second only to those of Kol Korran. The precise building materials and floor plans are unimportant.
Favored Weapon: Sickle.
Holy Symbol: A domino, or the Octogram in white and dark gray, representing both good fortune and bad. (The pattern on Olladra’s Octogram is reversed from the pattern on Aureon’s to avoid confusion, as the colors are very similar.)

People and Places Important to Olladra

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