Original Adventures

One Shots

The Holglen's Cottage - In memoriam to Scott Stream

Short Adventures

Name CR Type Description Reward Misc Notes
John's Heist 3rd Level Mole Adventure 3 shipments of mail stolen off lightning rail, party sent to tag along on a shipment along with suspects. / Working for the courier's guild, but player's are outside members.
Spirit Guides TBD Druid Quest in Forest Party must … A companion spirit (DMG2) bound to the part Incorporeal nature spirits
Potion Shop Mayhem TBD Couple quick encounters, Urban Kobolds sneak into potion shop and start guzzling Potions Some Kobolds get mutated, others just buffed
Voyage to Wolfran Island 2-4 Island Dungeon Crawl Party must clear an island of undead, exorcise an undead storm elemental and rescue some cargo various items + Island Homebrew
Lunar Lunacy 4-7 Overland Escort Party must escort a House Vadalis nobleson to the Eldeen Reaches, unaware that he has contracted Lycanthropy, avoiding bandits and Silver Flame paladins the whole way. Enemies will actually be good aligned Homebrew
War Crimes and Hard Time 6-7 Bounty Hunt Party must track down a vicious War Criminal for the Tribunal of Thronehold Cash and War-related goods looted from camp This will take the party into the Mournland
Jurassic Park Z 8-10 Conventional War Party must invade Isla Mogrova and defeat the occupying forces sent by Lungtai, freeing the Vadalis captives and Daellin, and dealing with freed Undead Island's Capture, Brelish Sovereignty, Warrior Gear Heroes of Battle will be used, enemies include Thri-Kreen, Tigrin, Yuan-ti, Undead and Dinosaurs

Several Adventure Path Plotlines

Name Source CR Tone/Setting Summary Reward
Goblin Market Uprising in Sharn My Homebrew 2-3 Sharn Marketplace battle and Cogs Investigation Goblin Riot in the Marketplace, incited by a mindcontrolling Inspired Telepath Equipment of Inspired and a Dhakaani Heirloom (Secret weapon of Legacy)
Kung-Fu Demons 7-9 Boss fights in exotic locales A Rakshasa has taken control of group of long awakened animal descendants who possess incredible martial skill. He misleads them into launching a crusade against Korvaire. Unknown martial knowledge Uses Tome of Battle, Complete Warrior, Oriental Adventures

Story Hooks

Inactive so far War in Q'Barra - Lizardfolk uprising, Riedrans and Dreaming Dark trying to get into Khorvaire, Kalashtar working with Lizardfolk against Inspired.
Active Rise of the Blades - Lord of Blades trying to raise his nation, inciting war between Breland and Thrane as a distraction -
Soon to be active Second War of the Mark - House Tarkanan uprising
Inactive so farThe Long Winter - Children of Winter cult led by Aberrant Marked Druid/Vermin Lord

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