Party Bestiary

This page represents the party's first hand knowledge of various creatures they have battled. Feel free to add additional notes from your characters point of view..

Dire Rat
These bite hard, and don't particularly like fire. (Encountered by Daellin, Torion and Nevimelk in Chapter 1)

Not always as stable as one might think.

A disgusting looking fiendish octopi, pukes up oily blood which makes everyone vomit. (Learned First-hand by Auric Davian and Geoff) Is strong enough to eat a medium sized shark, and can apparantly smash a hole in the hull of a ship.

Unknown type of Undead (Banedead)
Zombies are usually mindless undead, but for some reason the at least some of the ones on Wolfran Island are actually intelligent. Especially Traven who even has magical ability.

Fire Elemental
Bad tempered but can be negotiated with once bound, and seem to keep their word, so far anyway.

Have diseased bite which drains strength, quick and powerful undead, like to attack in overwhelming numbers.

Dire Bat
Big ass bat

Twin Children Constructs
Creepy kids, encountered by Nevimelk and Geoff, seem to be peaceful. (Actually Soul-bound Dolls)

Lord Wolfran
Freaky ass spirit merged with a storm elemental. Appears pissed.

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