Party Information

Old Campaign

Player Characters - The most important part
Party Charter - A written charter or spoken agreement relating the terms of their alliance, and their goals as a group.

Active Party Tasks- Quests and missions that they have on the go.
Important Info- Important Information gained by the Party
Party Bestiary- First Hand Knowledge of Creatures and NPC's encountered in the course of play.
NPCs- People the players know.

Trained Teamwork Benefits- Teamwork Benefits that the party has trained in and who they apply to.
Party Notoriety- Their reputation locally, abroad and with certain groups.
Party Property Owned or Rented- Do they rent a room at a tavern or own an Alchemy Shop?
Party Benefits- Any companion spirits or magical effects that affect the whole party.

(Merge these two)
Party Loot
Quest Items and Souvenirs-Any War Trophies and whatnot.

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