Pipes Of The Sewers

Pipes Of The Sewers

Description: Intricately carved oak panpipes with pictures of rats in all manner of human-like poses and actions.

Story: A few years back the city of King's Crossing was hit by a plague of rats that terrorized the city. At the same time a spate of robberies struck the city as well. As you can imagine the two turned out to be linked. A group of Wererats was using a plague to distract the authorities and mask their movements while they collected quite a horde. When authorities eventually tracked down the villains they were surprised to find that a local store keep was the leader of the rats and was using these very pipes.

The pipes were ordered to be destroyed by the town guard but luckily, I was able to procure them before this could happen. Now here they are here before you.

Now I don’t show these pipes to everyone you understand, after all I don’t want a plague of rats in Drakewatch any more than the next person. I think it all comes down to good character though, and what people would most likely use them for. As far as I’m concerned good character is something you folk have plenty of…

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