Player Classes

Base Classes

Class Description Source
Artificer / Eberron Campaign Setting
Barbarian / Player's Handbook
Bard / Player's Handbook
Cleric / Player's Handbook
Druid / Player's Handbook
Fighter / Player's Handbook
Monk / Player's Handbook
Paladin / Player's Handbook
Ranger / Player's Handbook
Rogue / Player's Handbook
Sorcerer / Player's Handbook
Wizard / Player's Handbook

Expanded Base Classes

Class Description Source
Archivist A divine caster who learns spells like a wizard does Heroes of Horror
Battledancer / Dragon Compendium
Beguiler / Player's Handbook 2
Binder Uses Pact Magic Tome of Magic
Crusader / Tome of Battle
Death Master / Dragon Compendium
Dragon Shaman / Player's Handbook 2
Dread Necromancer / Heroes of Horror
Duskblade / Player's Handbook 2
Favored Soul / Complete Divine
Hexblade / Complete Warrior
Incarnate / Magic of Incarnum
Jester / Dragon Compendium
Knight / Player's Handbook 2
Marshal / Miniature's Handbook
Mountebank / Dragon Compendium
Ninja / Complete Adventurer
Samurai / Complete Warrior
Savant / Dragon Compendium
Scout / Complete Adventurer
Sha'ir / Dragon Compendium
Shadowcaster Uses Shadow Magic Tome of Magic
Shugenja / Complete Divine
Soulborn / Magic of Incarnum
Spellthief / Complete Adventurer
Spirit Shaman / Complete Divine
Swashbuckler / Complete Warrior
Swordsage / Tome of Battle
Totemist / Magic of Incarnum
Truenamer Uses Truename Magic Tome of Magic
Urban Druid / Dragon Compendium
Warblade / Tome of Battle
Warlock / Complete Arcane
Warmage / Complete Arcane
Wu Jen / Complete Arcane

Psionic Classes

Class Description Source
Ardent / Complete Psionic
Divine Mind / Complete Psionic
Erudite Variant Psion Complete Psionic
Lurk / Complete Psionic
Psion / Expanded Psionics Handbook
Psychic Warrior / Expanded Psionics Handbook
Psionic Artificer / Magic of Eberron
Soulknife / Expanded Psionics Handbook
Wilder / Expanded Psionics Handbook

NPC Classes

Class Description Source
Adept Often a tribal shaman or hermit Dungeon Master's Guide
Adept, Religious A tribal shaman or hermit with a strong connection to a deity Eberron Campaign Setting
Adept, Urban A healer, fortune teller, etc. From a city Sharn: City of Towers
Aristocrat Member of the ruling class Dungeon Master's Guide
Commoner A peasant Dungeon Master's Guide
Expert A Professional in any one craft, profession or knowledge Dungeon Master's Guide
Magewright A professional in a magic craft Eberron Campaign Setting
Warrior A soldier, bandit, militia member etc., who knows how to fight. Dungeon Master's Guide

Class Variants

Racial Substitution Levels

!Races of Eberron!
Changeling Egoist
Kalashtar Monk
Kalashtar Soulknife
Kalashtar Telepath
Shifter Wilder
Umbragen Soulknife -

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