Player Traits

Character Traits

Trait Description
Abrasive You are difficult and demanding in conversation, which tends to oppress those around you.
Absent Minded You are fascinated by knowledge and learning and are capable of pursuing complex trains of thought quite quickly. However, your preoccupation with such thoughts makes you a little less aware of your surroundings.
Aggressive You are quick to initiate combat, and you tend to press the attack once battle is joined. Your enthusiasm makes you a dangerous foe, but you sometimes leave yourself open to blows that a more cautious warrior would avoid.
Brawler You naturally move close to your opponents when fighting, instinctively grabbing and punching rather than striking with weapons.
Cautious You are cautious in combat, even a bit cowardly, and you take more care to defend yourself than others. However, this caution renders you susceptible to fear effects.
Detached You maintain a distance from events that keeps you grounded but limits your reaction speed.
Dishonest You are naturally deceitful and insincere with others. You have a talent for lying, but have difficulty convincing others when you do speak truthfully.
Distinctive You have some distinctive physical feature such as a scar, a prominent nose, a limp, or some similar characteristic that is hard to disguise or conceal.
Easygoing You are naturally friendly. Others feel comfortable around you, but this trait also makes it more difficult for you to be pushy or suspicious.
Farsighted You have difficulty focusing on nearby objects, but your distance vision is more keen than normal.
Focused You can keep your attention on a task despite many distractions; however, events in the background pass you by.
Hard of Hearing You have a slight hearing impairment, and to compensate, you have become more in tune with your other senses.
Hardy You are made of tougher stuff than the average person, but you're not quite as quick to react to dangerous effects.
Honest You are naturally straightforward and sincere. This quality helps you persuade people to your viewpoint, but you have difficulty telling lies and seeing deception in others.
Illiterate You cannot read, but you have devoted yourself to learning other skills.
Inattentive You are skilled at finishing simple tasks quickly, but you have a difficult time dealing with longer, more complex tasks.
Musclebound You are good at almost everything that requires strength, but less adept than most at tasks that require coordination.
Nearsighted You have difficulty focusing on distant objects, but your eye for detail is more keen than normal.
Nightsighted Your eyes are particularly well suited to using darkvision, but they are less well adapted to what others consider normal light.
Passionate You are made of tougher stuff than the average person, but you are highly suggestible.
Plucky You have a strength of will not reflected in your limited physical gifts.
Polite You are courteous and well spoken.
Quick You are fast, but less sturdy than average members of your race.
Reckless You naturally sacrifice accuracy to put more power behind your blows.
Relentless You don't know the meaning of the word "tired." You go all out until you simply can't continue.
Saddleborn You are a natural in the saddle, but you have little patience for handling animals when not riding them.
Skinny You are very slender for your race.
Slippery You are less adept at grappling and wrestling than others of your size and strength, but you are adept at slipping out of another's hold.
Slow You are slow, but sturdier than average members of your race.
Specialized You have a knack for one kind of work or study, but other tasks are harder for you to accomplish.
Spellgifted You have a gift for casting spells from a certain school. Although your spells from this school are more potent than those of other casters, you are not as effective at casting spells from other schools.
Stout You are heavy for your race.
Suspicious You are naturally suspicious of everyone and everything. While this trait makes you hard to fool, it makes others slightly less likely to agree with you or find you threatening.
Torpid You are sluggish and slow to react to danger, but also resistant to others' commands.
Uncivilized You relate better to animals than you do to people.
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