Hi there.

This blog is an archive of events and situations that have occured within the campaign that i am running for my mates in Eberron.

We play weekly and I'm not sure just how long this will take as players are notorious for going off the plot and into strange tangents that you couldn't dream up.

Hopefully it will be enjoyed by all, and hopefully i can keep up with this blog.

Please enjoy reading and forgive my poor grammar and spelling.

I haven't run a game in many years and its been over a decade since i ran a game for a group so I'm a bit nervous to say the least - so fingers crossed….
My players are:

James - Anvil Hammer Hands - Warforged Artificer

Chris - Loric the Iron Hand - Human Monk of the Long Arm

Ian - Kapek - Talenta Halfling Ranger (Dinosaur Rider)

Dave - Ajax - Shifter Scout (Urban)

Throughout the blog i have tried to differentiate with narrative and descriptive text by italicising narrative.

The question is - Why is it titled "The Point of Infinity".

All will be revealed in time as the unfolding of the Draconic Prophecy….

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