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Craft (Poisonmaking): The fine art of refining raw materials into effective poisons requires both patience and care (not to mention discretion, in areas where poisons are outlawed). Making poisons with the Craft (poisonmaking) skill follows the rules in the Player’s Handbook for all Craft skills, with the following exceptions.
Price: The cost of raw materials varies widely depending on whether the character has access to the active ingredient—that is, the venom or plant that actually provides the toxin. If a supply is readily available, the raw materials cost one-sixth of the market price, not one-third. Otherwise, the raw materials cost at least three-quarters of the market price—assuming the substance in question is for sale at all.
Amount: To figure out how much poison you are able to create in a week, make a Craft (poisonmaking) check at the end of the week. If the check is successful, multiply the check result by the DC for the check. That result is how many gp worth of poison you created that week. When your total gp created equals or exceeds the market price of one dose of the poison, that dose is finished. (You may sometimes be able to create more than one dose in a week, depending on your check result and the market price of the poison.) If you fail the check by 4 or less, you make no progress that week. If you fail the check by 5 or more, you ruin half the raw materials and have to buy them again.

Table 3–1: Craft (Poisonmaking) DCs

Poison DC to Create Price Type DC to Resist Initial Damage Secondary Damage Source
Arsenic 15 120 gp Ingested 13 1 Con 1d8 Con DMG
Black adder venom 15 120 gp Injury 12 1d6 Con 1d6 Con DMG
Black lotus extract 35 4,500 gp Contact 20 3d6 Con 3d6 Con DMG
Bloodroot 15 100 gp Injury 12 0 1d4 Con + 1d3 Wis DMG
Blue whinnis 15 120 gp Injury 14 1 Con Unconsciousness DMG
Burnt othur fumes 25 2,100 gp Inhaled 18 1 Con* 3d6 Con DMG
Carrion crawler brain juice 15 200 gp Contact 13 Paralysis 0 DMG
Dark reaver powder 25 300 gp Ingested 18 2d6 Con 1d6 Con +1d6 Str DMG
Deathblade 25 1,800 gp Injury 20 1d6 Con 2d6 Con DMG
Dragon bile 30 1,500 gp Contact 26 3d6 Str 0 DMG
Drow poison 15 75 gp Injury 13 Unconsciousness Unconsciousness 2d4 hr. DMG
Giant wasp poison 20 210 gp Injury 14 1d6 Dex 1d6 Dex DMG
Greenblood oil 15 100 gp Injury 13 1 Con 1d2 Con DMG
Id moss 15 125 gp Ingested 14 1d4 Int 2d6 Int DMG
Insanity mist 20 1,500 gp Inhaled 15 1d4 Wis 2d6 Wis DMG
Large scorpion venom 20 200 gp Injury 14 1d4 Con 1d4 Con DMG
Lich dust 20 250 gp Ingested 17 2d6 Str 1d6 Str DMG
Malyss root paste 20 500 gp Contact 16 1 Dex 2d4 Dex DMG
Medium spider venom 15 150 gp Injury 12 1d4 Str 1d4 Str DMG
Nitharit 20 650 gp Contact 13 0 3d6 Con DMG
Oil of taggit 15 90 gp Ingested 15 0 Unconsciousness DMG
Purple worm poison 20 700 gp Injury 25 1d6 Str 2d6 Str DMG
Sassone leaf residue 20 300 gp Contact 16 2d12 hp 1d6 Con DMG
Shadow essence 20 250 gp Injury 17 1 Str* 2d6 Str DMG
Small centipede poison 15 90 gp Injury 10 1d2 Dex 1d2 Dex DMG
Striped toadstool 15 180 gp Ingested 11 1 Wis 2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int DMG
Terinav root 25 750 gp Contact 16 1d6 Dex 2d6 Dex DMG
Ungol dust 20 1,000 gp Inhaled 15 1 Cha 1d6 Cha, +1 Cha* DMG
Wyvern poison 25 3,000 gp Injury 17 2d6 Con 2d6 Con DMG

*Ability drain, not ability damage.

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