Power Components

The horn of the rare red minotaur can be combined with a potent mixture of herbs that can aid in restoring wholeness to the afflicted. So potent is the energy contained in the concoction that a cleric who uses it while casting greater restoration (and uses it up) need not devote any personal power (XP) in order to cast the spell.
This variant allows for special rare ingredients (“power components”) to be added to material spell components in place of an XP component. They’re certainly rare, and certainly expensive—ten to twenty times the XP component in gold pieces is a good baseline price. Further, characters may need to consult sages or cast divinations in order to find out what the proper ingredients are.
In the same way, special ingredients can substitute for the XP that a character otherwise has to spend to create magic items. This variant works if it makes powerful magic more colorful and if it fits the way you want to portray magic in your campaign. It fails if it means that the only hard control on casting powerful spells and creating magic items (the XP component) slips away, so that such actions become commonplace.
Optional material components power components may be used to enhance spells or powers.

House Rules

Power components or optional material components can be used to either replace xp requirements of spells, or enhance their powers. They can either be bought from a rare reagant dealer, or harvested in the wild. If a part is to be harvested off of a creature it must be done sufficiently soon enough to avoid rotting, and the part must be itself preserved via gentle repose or through the use of a similar item. Also, harvesting off of an animal would require an appropriate Profession (Taxidermy), Profession (Butchery) or Profession (Reagant Preperation). Profession (Herbalism) checks also extend to harvesting of plants, or preparing various other types of components.
Components work for appropriate divine and arcane spells. Psionics can obtain optional Psionic Foci which work much the same.
A successful knowledge (Arcana), or Knowledge (Psionics), on a corpse or plant can determine whether or not the character recognizes it's usefulness as a component or foci. This check recieves a synergy bonus from the appropriate harvesting profession, (Butchery, Taxidermy, Reagent Preperation or craft alchemy).

Plant-Based Metamagic Components

Some spells, especially druid spells, have mushrooms, herbs, or other metamagic components derived from rare plants carefully grown by experts. These metamagic components, often referred to as “druid-tended” items in Table 5–2, have a potential advantage for PCs because some characters might have the ability to grow and cultivate these plants—thereby saving some money.
To grow and harvest a plant-based metamagic component, a character must first sow and tend the seeds, which takes one month per 1,000 gp value (or fraction thereof) of the metamagic component. At the end of that time, the character must make a Profession (herbalist) check (DC 20 + 1 per 1,000 gp value of the metamagic component) in order to harvest the plant successfully. A character can grow multiple metamagic components at a time, but each planting beyond the first one being tended at the same time adds 1 to the DC of all Profession (herbalist) checks made during that time.

Alchemical Metamagic Components

Alchemy provides another traditional source for metamagic components—there’s a strong fantasy archetype of the wizard concocting powerful substances in his dank laboratory. An entry on Table 5–2 that contains some form of the word “alchemical” is a metamagic component created by the use of the Craft (alchemy) skill.
When a character sets out to concoct an alchemical metamagic component, the rules in the Craft skill description on pages 70–71 of the Player’s Handbook apply, except that the calculations are done in gold pieces, not silver pieces. Any new alchemical substance (such as the alchemical dreamwisp dust that is the metamagic component for sleep) and anything alchemically treated or alchemically prepared has a Craft (alchemy) DC of 15. Alchemically distilled metamagic components (for example, see ray of exhaustion) have a DC of 20, and alchemically purified metamagic components (see polymorph any object) have a DC of 25.

Planar Metamagic Components

Some metamagic components come from places beyond the Material Plane, especially in games where planar travel is common. The planes have exotic substances as well as purer, enhanced versions of common substances, and it makes sense that (for instance) rare soils from the Elemental Plane of Earth might make your move earth spell more potent. Purity is a major consideration for metamagic components of this sort; obtaining one is not simply a matter of going to the appropriate plane and scooping up a handful of stuff. In general, it takes a day of scavenging and a DC 30 Knowledge (the planes) check to find enough of the relevant raw material in its purest form to serve as a metamagic component.

Ritual Metamagic Components

Some items become metamagic components after they have been prepared during a series of ancient rituals. Performing the entire ritual takes one day for every 500 gp (or fraction thereof) of the value of the metamagic component. At the end of that time, the preparer must make a DC 25 Knowledge (religion) check if the component is for a divine spell or a DC 25 Knowledge (arcana) check if it’s for an arcane spell in order to successfully finish the creation process.

Monster Parts

A few of the metamagic components listed on Table 5–2 are parts of monsters. Some players want their characters to dissect their slain foes, “harvesting” metamagic components for later use and sale. There’s a fair amount of real-world precedent for the notion that some part of a creature’s power remains in its body after it’s dead. Dozens of realworld cultures have rituals involving animal parts for this very reason. Fantasy literature has a rich tradition of using strange ingredients such as unicorn horns and dragon scales to accomplish great feats of magic.
But harvesting monster parts is not without its problems. If your characters are interested in doing some monster part harvesting themselves, it takes 10 minutes and a DC 15 Profession (taxidermy) check to carefully remove the relevant part, then 1 hour and a DC 20 Profession (taxidermy) check to preserve it so it won’t rot or otherwise deteriorate. The embalming materials themselves cost one-tenth of the market price of the finished metamagic component. Unless you use gentle repose, the monster’s body deteriorates enough after 15 minutes that you can’t get a metamagic component from it.
With some monsters, it’s obvious how many of a particular part they have—a beholder has only one central eye that can be used for a greater prying eyes metamagic component. As a general rule, one monster provides enough substance for a single casting of the relevant spell (such as the dire bat fur needed for arcane eye or the chimera scales needed for obscure object). In some cases, the number of parts that can be obtained from one creature is obvious by the nature of the monster (one minotaur can supply enough metamagic components for two castings of maze, and each of a gorgon’s four hooves can be used for separate castings of acid fog). If the number of parts obtained is not obvious or doesn’t necessarily follow the general rule, assume that one monster can provide up to 1d4 separate parts that are suitable for metamagic components.

List of Power Components

From: Complete Adventurer

From Unearthed Arcana

Spell Name Metamagic Effect Metamagic Component Cost
Acid fog Extended Powdered gorgon hoof 940 gp
Acid splash Enlarged Rare toad skin 20 gp
Aid Extended Specially consecrated water 340 gp
Air walk Quickened Stoppered vial of elemental air 3,500 gp
Alarm Widened Rare chalk 1,000 gp
Align weapon Quickened Weapon with +1 enhancement bonus 2,300 gp
Alter self Silent and stilled Mirror with silver filigree 830 gp
Analyze dweomer Enlarged Herbs sprinkled on tindertwig 940 gp
Animal growth Extended Albino stag horn 790 gp
Animal messenger Extended Miniscule collar with golden bell 340 gp
Animal shapes Extended Rare variety of mistletoe 1,200 gp
Animate dead Silent Blood onyx 570 gp

Animate objects Enlarged Gold-spun marionette strings 940 gp
Animate plants Silent Rare uprooted sapling 1,100 gp
Animate rope Enlarged Brass thread 190 gp
Antilife shell Widened Skull with graven runes 3,300 gp
Antimagic fi eld Widened Cold iron fi lings 3,700
Antipathy Extended Alum soaked in ancient blood 1,200 gp
Antiplant shell Extended Rare oils 640 gp
Arcane eye Silent Dire bat fur 640 gp
Arcane lock Quickened Platinum dust 2,300 gp
Arcane mark Silent Rare paints 20 gp
Arcane sight Extended Ground quartz 790 gp
Greater arcane sight Extended Ground quartz 1,100 gp
Awaken Empowered Specially prepared otyugh dung 1,700 gp
Baleful polymorph Enlarged Miniature silver cage 790 gp
Bane Silent Miniature clay mask 190 gp
Barkskin Extended Heartwood of venerable oak 340 gp
Bear’s endurance Extended Distilled alcohol 340 gp
Mass bear’s endurance Extended Distilled alcohol 940 gp
Bestow curse Heightened +1 Eye of fi renewt 720 gp
Bigby’s clenched fi st Stilled Ornate gold knuckles 1,200 gp
Bigby’s crushing hand Stilled Ornate platinum knuckles 1,400 gp
Bigby’s forceful hand Stilled Ornate bronze knuckles 940 gp
Bigby’s grasping hand Stilled Ornate silver knuckles 1,100 gp
Bigby’s interposing hand Stilled Ornate brass knuckles 790 gp
Blade barrier Empowered Slashing weapon with +1 enhancement bonus 2,300 gp
Blasphemy Heightened +2 Specially prepared feather of an archon’s wing 3,100 gp
Bull’s strength Extended Adamantine powder 340 gp
Mass bull’s strength Extended Adamantine powder 940 gp
Cat’s grace Extended Vial of quicksilver 340 gp
Mass cat’s grace Extended Vial of quicksilver 940 gp
Cause fear Empowered Ancient bones ground to powder 700 gp
Chain lightning Maximized Fist-sized chunk of magnetic stone 4,350 gp
Changestaff Extended +1 quarterstaff 2,301 gp
Chaos hammer Empowered Protoplasm from Limbo 1,900 gp
Charm animal Silent Masterwork whip 301 gp
Charm monster Quickened Garnets 4,600 gp
Mass charm monster Silent Garnets 1,600 gp
Charm person Stilled Rare oils 250 gp
Chill metal Extended Glacial spring water 450 gp
Chill touch Empowered Gauntlet made of bone 700 gp
Circle of death Widened Powder of crushed black pearl 4,850 gp
Clairaudience/clairvoyance Extended Quartz 650 gp
Cloak of chaos Extended Shield with +1 enhancement bonus 1,153 gp
Clone — — —
Cloudkill Heightened +2 Distilled chlorine 2,300 gp
Color spray Silent and stilled Crushed rubies, diamonds, and sapphires 700 gp
Command Heightened +3 Carved ivory mask 1,350 gp
Greater command Extended Carved ivory mask 1,350 gp
Command plants Heightened +2 Alchemical defoliant 1,900 gp
Command undead Extended Ritually defaced holy symbol of good deity 450 gp
Commune — — —
Commune with nature Widened (see spell text) Runic map of area 3,750 gp
Comprehend languages Extended Foreign lexicon 250 gp
Cone of cold Heightened +1 Cone of carved quartz 1,050 gp
Confusion Widened Nutshells from treant 3,150 gp
Lesser confusion Extended Nutshell from druid-tended beech 250 gp
Consecrate Extended Holy water and gold dust 450 gp
Contact other plane — — —
Contagion Silent Skull of animal that died from disease 750 gp
Contingency Extended Rakshasa hide 1,250 gp
Continual fl ame Heightened +1 Ruby dust 500 gp
Control plants Extended Alchemical defoliant 1,650 gp
Control undead Heightened +2 Carved bone mask 3,100 gp
Control water Extended Water from the briny deep or sand from the trackless desert 850 gp
Control weather Extended Crystal sphere 1,450 gp
Control winds Heightened +2 Bottled smoke from Elemental Plane of Air 2,300 gp
Create food and water — — —
Create greater undead — — —
Create undead — — —
Create water — — —
Creeping doom Extended Rare jungle centipedes 1,450 gp
Crushing despair Widened Couatl tears 3,150 gp
Cure critical wounds Empowered Alchemical salve 1,900 gp
Mass cure critical wounds Empowered Copper loop from Positive Energy Plane 3,900 gp
Cure light wounds Empowered Alchemical salve 700 gp
Mass cure light wounds Empowered Copper loop from Positive Energy Plane 2,300 gp
Cure minor wounds Quickened Alchemical salve 1,375 gp
Cure moderate wounds Empowered Alchemical salve 1,100 gp
Mass cure moderate wounds Empowered Copper loop from Positive Energy Plane 2,700 gp
Cure serious wounds Empowered Alchemical salve 1,500 gp
Mass cure serious wounds Empowered Copper loop from Positive Energy Plane 3,100 gp
Curse water — — —
Dancing lights Extended Anarchic fi refl ies from Limbo 25 gp
Darkness Silent Coal mined and kept in total darkness 450 gp
Darkvision Extended Agate 450 gp
Daylight Silent and stilled Alchemical polish 1,500 gp
Daze Extended Wool from satyr-tended sheep 25 gp
Daze monster Quickened Umber hulk mandible 3,000 gp
Death knell Heightened +3 Runic funerary blessings 1,950 gp
Death ward Extended Henna, which tattoos creature touched 850 gp
Deathwatch Widened Black crystal lenses 1,350 gp
Deep slumber Heightened +2 Alchemical dreamwisp dust 1,500 gp
Deeper darkness Silent Oil extracted and kept in total darkness 650 gp
Delay poison Extended Specially prepared armadillo scales 450 gp
Delayed blast fi reball Extended Fire opal 1,450 gp
Demand Heightened +1 Gold wire and small part of the subject 1,850 gp
Desecrate Extended Unholy water and gold dust 450 gp
Destruction Silent and stilled Holy or unholy symbol marked with anathema 4,400 gp
Detect animals or plants Enlarged Five +1 arrows 235 gp
Detect chaos Silent and stilled Ground glass lens 700 gp
Detect evil Silent and stilled Ground glass lens 700 gp
Detect good Silent and stilled Ground glass lens 700 gp
Detect law Silent and stilled Ground glass lens 700 gp
Detect magic Silent and stilled Short cold iron rod 275 gp
Detect poison Enlarged Specially prepared snake tongue 25 gp
Detect scrying Widened Jewel-studded domino mask 3,150 gp
Detect secret doors Extended Tangle of copper and silver wires 250 gp
Detect snares and pits Extended Darkwood divining rod 250 gp
Detect thoughts Heightened +2 Platinum disc 1,100 gp
Detect undead Extended Specially prepared jawless skull 250 gp
Dictum Heightened +2 Specially prepared protoplasm of a chaos beast 3,100 gp
Dimension door Quickened Gold ore mined from Astral Plane 4,600 gp
Dimensional anchor Extended Rune-engraved miniature anchor 850 gp
Dimensional lock Widened Adamantine weapon varies
Diminish plants Enlarged Masterwork pruning shears 650 gp
Discern lies Enlarged Set of golden scales 850 gp
Discern location — — —
Disguise self Extended Masterwork greasepaint 250 gp
Disintegrate Empowered Trapped voidstone 3,100 gp
Dismissal Heightened +2 Specially blessed holy symbol 2,100 gp
Dispel chaos Quickened Sapphire 5,400 gp
Dispel evil Quickened Diamond 5,400 gp
Dispel good Quickened Black opal 5,400 gp
Dispel law Quickened Yellow corundum 5,400 gp
Dispel magic Widened Cold iron statuette 2,550 gp
Greater dispel magic Widened Cold iron statuette 4,350 gp
Displacement Extended Specially prepared displacer beast teeth 650 gp
Disrupt undead Enlarged Dirt from hallowed grave 25 gp
Disrupting weapon Extended Whetstone made from tombstone 1,050 gp
Divination — — —
Divine favor Extended Calligraphic scriptures 250 gp
Divine power Silent and stilled Holy symbol made of platinum and gems 1,900 gp
Dominate animal Enlarged Adamantine collar 650 gp
Dominate monster Enlarged Emerald-studded adamantine collar 1,850 gp
Dominate person Quickened Sapphire-studded adamantine collar 5,400 gp
Doom Heightened +2 Carved doll 700 gp
Drawmij’s instant summons — — —
Dream — — —
Eagle’s splendor Extended Emerald 450 gp
Mass eagle’s splendor Extended Emerald 1,250 gp
Earthquake Widened White granite from Elemental Plane of Earth 5,550 gp
Elemental swarm Empowered Rare incense (air), alchemical liquids (water), 3,900 gp
gems (fi re), or mithral ore (earth)
Endure elements Extended Potion of cure moderate wounds 300 gp
Energy drain Empowered Specially prepared vampire’s skull 3,900 gp
Enervation Empowered Specially prepared wight’s skull 1,900 gp
Enlarge person Extended Rare druid-tended beans 250 gp
Mass enlarge person Extended Rare druid-tended berries 850 gp
Entangle Widened Alchemical fertilizer 1,350 gp
Enthrall Heightened +2 Golden fi gurines 1,100 gp
Entropic shield Quickened Finely engraved platinum dice 2,200 gp
Erase Enlarged Rubber plant sap 250 gp
Ethereal jaunt Extended Chunk of ethereal solid 1,450 gp
Etherealness Extended Figurine carved from ethereal solid 1,850 gp
Evard’s black tentacles Widened Nightcrawler essence 3,150 gp
Expeditious retreat Extended Rare peppers 250 gp
Explosive runes Heightened +3 Rare pigments 2,550 gp
Eyebite Extended Specially prepared beholder eyestalk 1,250 gp
Fabricate — — —
Faerie fi re Widened Druid-tended mushrooms 1,350 gp
False life Extended Rare alcohol 450 gp
False vision Widened Ground jade dust 4,000 gp
Fear Heightened +2 Pinfeather from giant eagle 1,900 gp
Feather fall Enlarged Down from black goose 250 gp
Feeblemind Heightened +2 Polished obsidian spheres 2,300 gp
Find the path Extended Bracelet of lodestone 1,250 gp
Find traps Extended Golden magnifying glass 450 gp
Finger of death Enlarged Specially embalmed fi nger 1,450 gp
Fire seeds Empowered Druid-tended acorns or berries 2,700 gp
Fire shield (either version) Extended Alchemically prepared phosphorus 1,900 gp
Fire storm Maximized Cooled lava from erupting volcano 7,000 gp
Fire trap Heightened +3 Gold dust 1,975 gp
Fireball Widened Fire opal 1,900 gp
Flame arrow Empowered Carved fl int arrowhead 1,500 gp
Flame blade Extended Masterwork scimitar 315 gp
Flame strike Empowered Brimstone from Elemental Plane of Fire 2,300 gp
Flaming sphere Enlarged Powdered cold iron 450 gp
Flare Silent Powdered magnesium 25 gp
Flesh to stone Heighten +2 Medusa head-snake 2,700 gp
Fly Extended Feather from albino falcon 650 gp
Fog cloud Quickened Cloudy diamonds 3,000 gp
Forbiddance Empowered Holy water and rare incenses 4,200 gp
plus 1,500 gp per 60 ft. cube
Forcecage Enlarged Ruby dust 3,000 gp
Foresight Extended A celestial hummingbird’s feather 1,850 gp
Fox’s cunning Extended Garnet 450 gp
Mass fox’s cunning Extended Garnet 1,250 gp
Freedom Stilled Salve of slipperiness 1,000 gp
Freedom of movement Stilled Salve of slipperiness 1,000 gp
Gaseous form Stilled Bottled smoke from a volcano’s crater 650 gp
Gate Quickened Black pearl 8,600 gp
Geas/quest Extended Golden armband 850 gp
Lesser geas Extended Jeweled armband 1,250 gp
Gentle repose Extended Embalming fl uid 550 gp
Ghost sound Heightened +2 Wax from sacred candle 275 gp
Ghoul touch Extended Earth from a ghast’s lair 450 gp
Giant vermin Extended Rare insect parts 850 gp
Glibness Stilled Fancy liquor 650 gp
Glitterdust Widened Ground topaz 1,950 gp
Globe of invulnerability Widened Pearls 3,150 gp
Lesser globe of invulnerability Widened Pearls 4,350 gp
Glyph of warding Heightened +2 Incense and powdered diamond 1,700 gp
Greater glyph of warding Heightened +2 Incense and powdered diamond 3,100 gp
Goodberry Empowered Treant sap 700 gp
Good hope Extended Engraved brass torc 650 gp
Grease Enlarged Rind of a boar 250 gp
Guards and wards Heightened +1 Rare incense 1,450 gp
Guidance Extended Book of prayers 25 gp
Gust of wind Widened Elaborate lacquered fan 1,950 gp
Hallow Widened Herbs, oils, and incense 4,750 gp plus extra for spell
Hallucinatory terrain Heightened +3 Twigs and plants from Arborea 3,150 gp
Halt undead Heightened +2 Abyssal sulfur 1,500 gp
Harm Heightened +1 Heart carved from onyx 1,250 gp
Haste Extended Rare coffee beans 850 gp
Heal Heightened +1 Heart carved from alabaster 1,250 gp
Mass heal Heightened +1 Heart carved from alabaster 1,850 gp
Heal mount Quickened Alchemical salve 3,800 gp
Heat metal Extended Mithral forge dross 450 gp
Helping hand Enlarged Ivory carving of hand 650 gp
Heroes’ feast Extended Rare spices 1,250 gp
Heroism Extended Fine brandy 650 gp
Greater heroism Extended Fine whiskey 1,250 gp
Hide from animals Extended Stitched velvet blindfold 250 gp
Hide from undead Heightened +3 Embroidered silk shawl 1,350 gp
Hold animal Heightened +2 Decorative steel gauntlet 1,100 gp
Hold monster Heightened +2 Engraved rod of cold iron 2,300 gp
Mass hold monster Heightened +2 Engraved rod of cold iron 3,900 gp
Hold person Heightened +2 Engraved ingot of cold iron 1,100 gp
Mass hold person Heightened +2 Engraved ingot of cold iron 3,100 gp
Hold portal Quickened Ebony key 2,200 gp
Holy aura Extended Shield with +1 enhancement bonus 1,153 gp
Holy smite Empowered Spring water from Elysium 1,900 gp
Holy sword Extended Sacred candles 850 gp
Holy word Heightened +2 Specially prepared fi end’s tail 3,100 gp
Horrid wilting Empowered Sponge from Elemental Plane of Water 3,500 gp
Hypnotic pattern Heightened +2 Stick of incense 1,100 gp
Hypnotism Silent and stilled Golden medallion 700 gp
Ice storm Extended Ivory stick with engraved snowfl ake pattern 850 gp
Identify — — —
Illusory script Heightened +4 Rare inks 3,850 gp
Illusory wall Heightened +2 Sunrod and ground glass lenses 1,900 gp
Imbue with spell ability — — —
Implosion Extended Glass statuette 1,850 gp
Imprisonment Heightened +2 Carved jade sphere 3,900 gp
Incendiary cloud Extended Bottled brimstone and sea mist 1,650 gp
Inflict critical wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 3,150 gp
Mass inflict critical wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 5,550 gp
Inflict light wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 1,350 gp
Mass inflict light wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 3,750 gp
Inflict minor wounds Quickened Obsidian holy symbol 1,375 gp
Inflict moderate wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 1,950 gp
Mass inflict moderate wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 4,350 gp
Inflict serious wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 2,550 gp
Mass infl ict serious wounds Maximized Obsidian holy symbol 4,950 gp
Insanity Heightened +1 Distilled water from Limbo 1,450 gp
Insect plague Extended Crooked staff with carved runes 1,050 gp
Invisibility Extended Janni eyelash 450 gp
Greater invisibility Extended Djinni eyelash 850 gp
Mass invisibility Extended Efreeti eyelash 1,450 gp
Invisibility purge Extended Crystal prism 650 gp
Iron body Extended Articulated iron doll 1,650 gp
Ironwood Extended Darkwood shaped into the object’s form varies
Jump Quickened Mithral springs 2,200 gp
Keen edge Extended Whetstone with pyrite veins running through it 650 gp
Knock Silent Golden key 450 gp
Know direction — — —
Legend lore — — —
Leomund’s secret chest Extended Net made of ethereal solid 1,050 gp
Leomund’s secure shelter Extended Miniscule model of cottage 850 gp
Leomund’s tiny hut Extended Necklace of crystal beads 650 gp
Leomund’s trap — — —
Levitate Enlarged Loop of manticore hide 250 gp
Light Silent Phosphorescent moss 25 gp
Lightning bolt Widened Blue dragon scales 2,550 gp
Limited wish — — —
Liveoak Extended Alchemical fertilizer 1,250 gp
Locate creature Enlarged Specially tanned hellhound fur 850 gp
Locate object Enlarged Forked twig of darkwood 450 gp
Longstrider Extended Cobblestone from ancient hippodrome 250 gp
Lullaby Widened Fancy resin 725 gp
Mage armor Extended Links of mithral chain 250 gp
Mage hand Enlarged Monkey’s paw 25 gp
Magic circle against chaos Widened Specially prepared holy symbol 2,550 gp
Magic circle against evil Widened Specially prepared holy symbol 2,550 gp
Magic circle against good Widened Specially prepared holy symbol 2,550 gp
Magic circle against law Widened Specially prepared holy symbol 2,550 gp
Magic fang Extended Specially prepared shark tooth 250 gp
Greater magic fang Extended Specially prepared dire shark tooth 650 gp
Magic jar Extended Gem or crystal 1,100 gp
Magic missile Empowered Two +3 arrows 734 gp
Magic mouth — — —
Magic stone Empowered Colorful marbles 700 gp
Magic vestment Extended Embroidered sash 650 gp
Magic weapon Extended Alchemically distilled blood 250 gp
Greater magic weapon Extended Alchemically purifi ed blood 750 gp
Major creation Extended Phasm essence 1,050 gp
Major image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 1,500 gp
Make whole Enlarged Alchemical adhesive 450 gp
Mark of justice — — —
Maze Enlarged Engraved minotaur horn 1,650 gp
Meld into stone Extended Carved stone fi gurine 650 gp
Melf’s acid arrow Empowered Four masterwork darts 1,200 gp
Mending Enlarged Alchemical adhesive 25 gp
Message Enlarged Calligraphic inscriptions on vellum 25 gp
Meteor swarm Maximized Chunk of meteorite 8,600 gp
Mind blank Extended Malachite-studded headband 1,650 gp
Mind fog Heightened +3 Specially prepared mind flayer tentacle 3,750 gp
Minor creation Extended Roper sap 850 gp
Minor image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 1,100 gp
Miracle — — —
Mirage arcana Heightened +3 Mirror silvered in Bytopia 3,750 gp
Mirror image Extended Miniscule dolls of yourself 450 gp
Misdirection Heightened +2 Gold wire bent into a creature’s silhouette 1,100 gp
Mislead Heightened +1 Fancy marionette 1,250 gp
Modify memory Heightened +2 Alchemical smelling salts 1,900 gp
Moment of prescience Quickened Fine Elysian wine 7,800 gp
Mordenkainen’s disjunction Enlarged and widened Trapped voidstone 8,600 gp
Mordenkainen’s faithful hound Extended Specially prepared blink dog teeth 1,050 gp
Mordenkainen’s lucubration Quickened Ruby ring 6,200 gp
Mordenkainen’s magnifi cent Extended Miniature portal 1,465 gp
Mordenkainen’s private Extended Trapped fog from Plane of Shadow 1,050 gp
Mount Quickened Specially prepared hair from pegasus or nightmare 2,200 gp
Move earth Enlarged Rare soils from Elemental Plane of Earth 1,250 gp
Neutralize poison Extended Specially prepared yuan-ti tongue 750 gp
Nightmare Heightened +2 Rare spices 2,300 gp
Nondetection Extended Carved ebony lattice 700 gp
Nystul’s magic aura Heightened +3 Amethyst necklace 1,350 gp
Obscure object Extended Chimera scales 550 gp
Obscuring mist Extended Silver chalice 250 gp
Open/close Enlarged Silver key 25 gp
Order’s wrath Empowered Gear cog from Mechanus 1,900 gp
Otiluke’s freezing sphere Empowered Crystal sphere 2,700 gp
Otiluke’s resilient sphere Enlarged Crystal sphere 850 gp
Otiluke’s telekinetic sphere Enlarged Crystal sphere 1,650 gp
Otto’s irresistible dance Silent Embroidered shoes with gold buttons 1,650 gp
Overland fl ight Extended Specially prepared dragon wing-hide 1,050 gp
Owl’s wisdom Extended Opal 450 gp
Mass owl’s wisdom Extended Opal 1,250 gp
Passwall Extended Golden miniature shovel 1,050 gp
Pass without trace Extended Cloak of feathers 250 gp
Permanency — — —
Permanent image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 2,700 gp
Persistent image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 2,300 gp
Phantasmal killer Heightened +1 Nightmarish etchings 850 gp
Phantom steed Extended Platinum horseshoe 650 gp
Phase door Silent Jasper-studded key 1,450 gp
Planar ally — — —
Greater planar ally — — —
Lesser planar ally — — —
Planar binding Heightened +2 Silver fi ligree around magic circle 2,700 gp
Greater planar binding Heightened +2 Gold fi ligree around magic circle 3,500 gp
Lesser planar binding Heightened +2 Copper fi ligree around magic circle 2,300 gp
Plane shift Quickened Silk mantle with moonstones 6,200 gp
Plant growth Enlarged Alchemically treated seeds 650 gp
Poison Maximized Wyvern poison 3,000 gp
Polar ray Enlarged Pale sapphire 1,650 gp
Polymorph Extended Druid-tended silkworm cocoon 850 gp
Polymorph any object Extended Alchemically purifi ed mercury 1,650 gp
Power word blind Enlarged Corundum 1,450 gp
Power word kill Enlarged Corundum 1,850 gp
Power word stun Enlarged Corundum 1,650 gp
Prayer Widened Blessed scriptures on vellum 2,550 gp
Prestidigitation Enlarged White silk gloves 25 gp
Prismatic sphere Heightened +2 Diamonds 3,900 gp
Prismatic spray Heightened +2 Diamonds 3,100 gp
Prismatic wall Heightened +2 Diamonds 3,500 gp
Produce fl ame Silent Ring carved from fl int 250 gp
Programmed image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 2,700 gp
Project image Extended Distorted mirror 1,450 gp
Protection from arrows Extended Piece of bulette hide 450 gp
Protection from chaos Extended Powdered platinum 250 gp
Protection from energy Extended Spinels of red (fi re), black (acid), green (sonic), 650 gp
blue (electricity), or white (cold)
Protection from evil Extended Powdered platinum 250 gp
Protection from good Extended Powdered platinum 250 gp
Protection from law Extended Powdered platinum 250 gp
Protection from spells Extended Crushed diamond 2,150 gp
Prying eyes Enlarged Specially prepared beholder eyestalk 1,050 gp
Greater prying eyes Enlarged Specially prepared beholder center eye 1,650 gp
Purify food and drink — — —
Pyrotechnics Heightened +2 Fire source and alchemical accelerants 1,100 gp
Quench Enlarged Water from the extraplanar River Oceanus 650 gp
Rage Extended Fine mead 650 gp
Rainbow pattern Heightened +2 Smoky quartz prism 1,900 gp
Raise dead — — —
Rary’s mnemonic enhancer — — —
Rary’s telepathic bond Extended Dragon eggshells 1,050 gp
Ray of enfeeblement Enlarged Ceremonial electrum dagger 250 gp
Ray of exhaustion Heightened +1 Alchemically distilled perspiration 650 gp
Ray of frost Enlarged White marble carved in icicle shape 25 gp
Read magic Extended Mineral prism 25 gp
Reduce animal Heightened +3 Topaz-studded links of iron 1,950 gp
Reduce person Heightened +3 Turquoise-studded links of iron 1,350 gp
Mass reduce person Heightened +3 Turquoise-studded links of iron 3,150 gp
Refuge — — —
Regenerate Empowered Specially prepared troll blood 3,500 gp
Reincarnate — — —
Remove blindness/deafness Silent Pearl-studded circlet 650 gp
Remove curse — — —
Remove disease — — —
Remove fear Extended Alchemically prepared war paint 250 gp
Remove paralysis Enlarged Burning incense 450 gp
Repel metal or stone Widened Druid-tended sapling 5,550 gp
Repel vermin Widened Rare snakeskin 3,150 gp
Repel wood Widened Miniature jeweled lantern 4,350 gp
Repulsion Widened Alchemical-ink tattoo (temporary) 4,700 gp
Resistance Extended Silk cloak 25 gp
Resist energy Extended Spinel of red (fi re), black (acid), green (sonic), 450 gp
blue (electricity), or white (cold)
Restoration — — —
Greater restoration — — —
Lesser restoration Empowered Alchemical balm 1,100 gp
Resurrection — — —
Reverse gravity Quickened Lodestone mined in Pandemonium 7,400 gp
Righteous might Extended Ritually prepared holy symbol 1,050 gp
Rope trick Extended Rope braided from spider silk 450 gp
Rusting grasp Empowered Ornate mithral gauntlet 1,900 gp
Sanctuary Heightened +2 Jasper necklace 700 gp
Scare Extended Ritually prepared bone from corporeal undead 450 gp
Scintillating pattern Widened Pearlescent prism 5,550 gp
Scorching ray Empowered Ruby from Elemental Plane of Fire 1,100 gp
Screen Heightened +2 Embroidered gauze scrim 3,500 gp
Scrying Heightened +3 Alchemically purifi ed nitric acid 3,150 gp
Greater scrying Heightened +2 Alchemically purifi ed nitric acid 3,100 gp
Sculpt sound Enlarged Rare clay 650 gp
Searing light Maximized Yellow topaz 2,550 gp
Secret page — — —
See invisibility Extended Powdered turquoise 450 gp
Seeming Heightened +2 Coral fi gurines 2,300 gp
Sending — — —
Sepia snake sigil Heightened +2 Powdered amber 2,000 gp
Sequester Extended Alchemical ointment 1,450 gp
Shades Heightened +1 Pearl from Plane of Shadow 1,850 gp
Shadow conjuration Heightened +1 Pearl from Plane of Shadow 850 gp
Greater shadow conjuration Heightened +1 Pearl from Plane of Shadow 1,450 gp
Shadow evocation Heightened +1 Diamond from Plane of Shadow 1,050 gp
Greater shadow evocation Heightened +1 Diamond from Plane of Shadow 1,650 gp
Shadow walk Extended Black tourmaline 1,250 gp
Shambler Empowered Rare herbs 3,900 gp
Shapechange Extended Aquamarine circlet 1,850 gp
Shatter Widened Carved crystal cubes 1,950 gp
Shield Quickened Jeweled bracelet 2,200 gp
Shield of faith Extended Ritually prepared parchment 250 gp
Shield of law Extended Shield with +1 enhancement bonus 1,153 gp
Shield other Enlarged Two emerald and platinum rings 550 gp
Shillelagh Extended Druid-tended oak club or quarterstaff 250 gp
Shocking grasp Maximized Ornate electrum gauntlet 1,350 gp
Shout Widened Ornate platinum gong 3,150 gp
Greater shout Widened Ornate platinum trumpet 5,550 gp
Shrink item Extended Alchemically purifi ed mica 650 gp
Silence Silent Silver mask 450 gp
Silent image Heightened +2 Rare pigments 700 gp
Simulacrum — — —
Slay living Heightened +3 Obsidian headpiece 3,750 gp
Sleep Heightened +2 Alchemical dreamwisp dust 700 gp
Sleet storm Extended Hollow ivory bottle 650 gp
Slow Heightened +2 Liquid amber 1,500 gp
Snare — — —
Soften earth and stone Enlarged Specially prepared mud from Hades 450 gp
Solid fog Quickened Cloudy diamonds 4,600 gp
Song of discord Widened Rune-carved conch shell 3,750 gp
Soul bind — — —
Sound burst Heightened +1 Bone whistle 450 gp
Speak with animals Extended Animal mask 250 gp
Speak with dead Heightened +3 Golden caduceus 2,550 gp
Speak with plants Extended Jade-studded mask 650 gp
Spectral hand Enlarged Phosphor-limned glove 450 gp
Spell immunity Extended Moonstone 850 gp
Greater spell immunity Extended Moonstone 1,650 gp
Spell resistance Extended Rakshasa claw 1,050 gp
Spellstaff — — —
Spell turning Empowered Zircon 3,100 gp
Spider climb Extended Drider fur 450 gp
Spike growth Heightened +2 Carved basalt dagger 1,500 gp
Spike stones Heightened +2 Carved obsidian dagger 1,900 gp
Spiritual weapon Enlarged Masterwork version of weapon varies
Statue Extended Limestone fi gurine 1,450 gp
Status Extended Electrum headband 450 gp
Stinking cloud Empowered Sulfur from Elemental Plane of Fire 1,500 gp
Stone shape — — —
Stoneskin Extended Diamond dust 1,300 gp
Stone tell Extended Stone mask 1,250 gp
Stone to fl esh — — —
Storm of vengeance Empowered Heartwood from oak split by lightning 3,900 gp
Suggestion Heightened +2 Druid-tended honey 1,500 gp
Mass suggestion Heightened +2 Druid-tended honey 2,700 gp
Summon instrument — — —
Summon monster I Extended Pearl 250 gp
Summon monster II Empowered Pearl 1,100 gp
Summon monster III Empowered Pearl 1,500 gp
Summon monster IV Empowered Pearl 1,900 gp
Summon monster V Empowered Pearl 2,300 gp
Summon monster VI Empowered Pearl 2,700 gp
Summon monster VII Empowered Pearl 3,100 gp
Summon monster VIII Empowered Pearl 3,500 gp
Summon monster IX Empowered Pearl 3,900 gp
Summon nature’s ally I Extended Druid-tended mistletoe 250 gp
Summon nature’s ally II Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 1,100 gp
Summon nature’s ally III Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 1,500 gp
Summon nature’s ally IV Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 1,900 gp
Summon nature’s ally V Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 2,300 gp
Summon nature’s ally VI Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 2,700 gp
Summon nature’s ally VII Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 3,100 gp
Summon nature’s ally VIII Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 3,500 gp
Summon nature’s ally IX Empowered Druid-tended mistletoe 3,900 gp
Summon swarm Extended Rune-embroidered red cloth 450 gp
Sunbeam Widened Javelin with phosphorus runes 4,950 gp
Sunburst Widened Sunstone carved into graven image 5,550 gp
Symbol of death Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 13,500 gp
Symbol of fear Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 3,700 gp
Symbol of insanity Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 8,500 gp
Symbol of pain Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 3,300 gp
Symbol of persuasion Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 7,700 gp
Symbol of sleep Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 3,300 gp
Symbol of stunning Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 8,100 gp
Symbol of weakness Heightened +2 Powdered diamond and opal 8,100 gp
Sympathetic vibration Extended Set of masterwork tuning forks 1,250 gp
Sympathy Extended Crushed pearls 2,150 gp
Tasha’s hideous laughter Enlarged Masterwork greasepaint 450 gp
Telekinesis Enlarged Iron rod with silver fi ligree 1,250 gp
Teleport Quickened Amber and emerald pendant 5,400 gp
Teleport object Quickened Amber and emerald bracelet 7,000 gp
Greater teleport Quickened Amber and emerald necklace 7,000 gp
Teleportation circle Extended Amber dust 2,850 gp
Temporal stasis Heightened +2 Powdered diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire 8,500 gp
Tenser’s fl oating disk Extended Flask of mercury 250 gp
Tenser’s transformation Extended Potions of bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, 1,650 gp
and heroism
Time stop Empowered Specially prepared titan’s knucklebone 3,900 gp
Tongues Extended Brass model of ziggurat 750 gp
Touch of fatigue Heightened +2 Wolverine perspiration 275 gp
Touch of idiocy Silent Ornate bronze gauntlet 450 gp
Transmute metal to wood Widened Finely carved darkwood-and-pearl holy symbol 4,950 gp
Transmute mud to rock Heightened +1 Alchemically treated clay 1,050 gp
Transmute rock to mud Heightened +1 Alchemically treated clay 1,050 gp
Transport via plants Silent Rare herbs 1,250 gp
Trap the soul — — —
Tree shape Extended Shawl woven from druid-tended leaves 450 gp
Tree stride Silent Rare herbs 1,050 gp
True resurrection — — —
True seeing Extended Eye ointment 1,500 gp
True strike Quickened Bow with +1 enhancement bonus 2,330 gp
Undeath to death Widened Crushed diamond 4,850 gp
Undetectable alignment Extended Embroidered velvet shroud 450 gp
Unhallow Widened Herbs, oils, and incense 4,750 gp plus extra for spell
Unholy aura Extended Shield with +1 enhancement bonus 1,153 gp
Unholy blight Empowered Dust from Hades 1,900 gp
Unseen servant Extended Fancy valet’s uniform 250 gp
Vampiric touch Maximized Specially prepared vampire’s fang 2,550 gp
Veil Heightened +2 Veil spun from electrum thread 2,700 gp
Ventriloquism Enlarged Calligraphy on fi ne parchment, rolled into cone 250 gp
Virtue Extended Brass medallion 25 hp
Vision — — —
Wail of the banshee Enlarged and widened Trapped banshee essence 8,600 gp
Wall of fi re Extended Ground phosphorus and magnesium 950 gp
Wall of force Extended Any clear gem 1,050 gp
Wall of ice Extended Rune-engraved quartz 850 gp
Wall of iron Enlarged Alchemically purifi ed iron and gold dust 1,300 gp
Wall of stone Enlarged Rune-engraved granite 1,050 gp
Wall of thorns Extended Thorns from rare blood-roses 1,050 gp
Warp wood Enlarged Switch carved from druid-tended black oak 450 gp
Water breathing Extended Ornately carved reed 650 gp
Water walk Extended Coral armbands 650 gp
Waves of exhaustion Widened Occluded diamond 4,950 gp
Waves of fatigue Widened Occluded diamond 2,550 gp
Web Heightened +2 Ritually prepared drider silk 1,100 gp
Weird Heightened +1 Nightmarish etchings 1,850 gp
Whirlwind Extended Bottled gale-force wind from Elemental Plane of Air 1,650 gp
Whispering wind Extended Bottled last breath of a druid 450 gp
Wind walk Extended Cloud vapor from Arcadia 1,350 gp
Wind wall Extended Specially prepared lillend feather 650 gp
Wish — — —
Wood shape — — —
Word of chaos Heightened +2 Specially prepared stinger of a formian myrmarch 3,100 gp
Word of recall Quickened Ornate emerald holy symbol 7,000 gp
Zone of silence Widened Miniature platinum lute with strings cut 3,150 gp
Zone of truth Heightened +2 Silver and gold gavel 1,100 gp

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