Professor Todd

Todd has earned the title of Professor and is now serving as a Department Chair for the Department of History, with his area being that of Khorvairen History. He has been awarded a Condo Apartment in Shava House, and has two research assistants he can use however he wishes.
Salary: 150 gp/Month and living expenses covered
Condo: Second Story Condo at Shava House
Research/Teaching Assistants: Awarded 2, Described Below

Research Assitants
Tiia Nallimar: A female gnome grad student, Majoring in History, minor in The Planes and Artifice. Seeks to become an airship engineer in Zilargo in the future.
Comar ir'Deneith: A human male dragonmarked heir of deneith; Double Major in History and Political Science with Minors in Languages and Military History/Tactics. He seeks to become an ambassador for House Deneith, very zealous student and assistant.

Morgrave University Department of History

Department Head: Dean Telfyr Brackett - A learned and well travelled wizard. Overseas the Morgrave University Library and has a seat on the Morgrave University Council.
Department Chairs: Professor Zophik - Head of Ancient History, Specializes in Age of Demons
Professor Todd - Head of Khorvairen History
Professor Danid Vieran - Head of Dhakaani History
Assigned Lecturers Ghash Duurkat - Hobgoblin with dramatic lecturing ability.

Assigned Tasks

  1. Merit the Class
  2. Fill out a year end evaluation of his research assistants
  3. Teach a number of classes and evaluate at least two guest lectures
  4. Produce a Thesis for a subject in the field of history.
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