Psionic Feats
Name Prerequisites Effect Source
Dorje Mastery Manifester level 9th. : You gain 4 power points to augment a dorje's effects. Magic of Eberron
Gestalt Anchor Kalashtar, base Will save +3 : +2 bonus on initiative checks and Reflex saves to you and Kalashtar allies Races of Eberron
Heroic Focus : Spend Action Point to quickly regain your psionic focus. Magic of Eberron
Prophecy's Mind Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks, Speak Language (Draconic), Dragon Prophesier : Expend focus while in prophetic favor to avoid death. Magic of Eberron
Psiforged Body Warforged, 1st level only. : Become Psiforged, gain 1 power point, and store power points in your body as if it were a cognizance crystal. Magic of Eberron
Psionic Luck : Expend focus to gain more from Action Points. Magic of Eberron
Psychic Rush : Spend an Action Point to reduce the cost of a power. Magic of Eberron
Shield of Thought Kalashtar, ability to generate mind blade (not verified) : Generate shield of psychic energy Races of Eberron
Spiritual Force Kalashtar, ability to generate mind blade (not verified) : Manifest mind blade as swift action, +2 effective level for mind blade enhancement Races of Eberron
Strength of Two Kalashtar or Inspired : +1 bonus on Will saves; +5 bonus for 1 round Races of Eberron
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