Psionic Jamming Station

The Jamming Station is set-up in the old airship tower. The Thri-Kreen have reconstructed the second level's roof and reinforced it with siege-weapons to protect the jamming crystals within.


Intellect Devourer - Expanded Psionics Handbook 202
Intellect Devourer possessed bodies - Uses Ego Whip, Id Insinuation, Painful Strike
Thri-Kreen Commander - Thri-Kreen Psion 10
Thri-Kreen Mindblades - Thri-Kreen Soulknife 3
Thri-Kreen Bodyguard - Thri-Kreen Soulknife 7
Iridescent Serpent - Astral Construct Summoned by a Psionic Item


Main Building
1st Floor

2nd Floor
4x Intellect Devourers

Has four Heavy Ballistas on the cardinal points on swivel mounts. In center is a massive crystal array. A hard dome made of thin crysteel, a material foreign to this continent, covers the array from air attacks, and is studded with small crystal amplification shards. An explosion from inside the dome would destroy the crystal structure, or at least 150 points of damage.


There are 3 remaining intellect devourers which possess dead archers
Iridescent Serpent summoned by one as they attempt to escape
Tigrin and Yuan-ti Halfblood troops attack the tower from every available side. 6 platoons of troops total attack.
Player Killer Squad
Leader Half-fiend Tigrin with spell absorption ability granted by wish spell
Tank Yuan-ti Abomination
Sneak Panthorin Assassin
Blaster Yuan-ti Pureblood Warlock
Buffer Cougrali Cleric
Controller Thri-Kreen Telepath

Spell Absorption – If its spell resistance negates a spell, the creature gains its choice of the following:
- Might: +4 Enhancement bonus to Strength for 1 minute.
- Agility: +4 Enhancement bonus to Dexterity for 1 minute.
- Endurance: +4 Enhancement bonus to Constitution for 1 min.
- Life: Gains (5 x negated spell level) Temporary Hit-Points.
- Speed: Gains (5 x negated spell level)’ to base movement.
- Resistance: Gain Energy Resistance 10 to one type of energy
of the creature’s choice (either Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire,
or Sonic).

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