Quick Lock

This magical item appears as a thin strip of metal, 3 inches long and an inch wide, engraved with the image of a lock on it's surface. It was developed by a ex-corciate from House Cannith who was expelled from the House when he developed an Aberrant Mark. He decided to join House Tarkanan and was quickly put to work developing cheap magical items to aid in their criminal and terrorist pursuits. This was one of his breakthroughs, used by burglars to slow down pursuers when caught in the act of breaking and entering.
To use a quick lock strip, a character only needs to slap the metal strip onto the closed door so that it overlaps the frame. This is a standard action and can be done while on the move. For characters with the Quick Draw feat, this only takes a swift action to accomplish. Once the Quick Lock has been applied the door is treated as if affected by the Hold Portal spell, effectively closing and locking the door. The door can be unlocked with it's appropriate key as normal, but of course this takes time. The effect of the spell also increases the DC of breaking down the door by 5. The Hold Portal effect lasts for either 1 minute, or until broken.

Cost: 50gp
Minor Transmutation; CL 1; Create Wondrous Item, Hold Portal

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