Type: Tavern
Owner: “Redblade” Rraac (NE male half-orc barbarian 4/adept 1)

Description:This tavern caters to members of the Deathsgate adventurer’s guild, though anyone can buy ale here. The tavern has a few special services to offer that make it particularly popular with its usual clients. “Redblade” Rraac (NE male half-orc barbarian 4/adept 1) owns the tavern. He retired from fighting after his age began to slow him down, and now he leads the Deathsgate Guild services to the Mockery. Rraac’s wife Myssian (NE female human expert 5) is a skilled alchemist who maintains a workshop in the back of the tavern, and Rraac sells wrath, silverhaste, and a range of poisons to his favored clients.

Location: About te center of Deathsgate in Middle Tavick's Landing

Upfront Services

Backroom services

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