Redstone (Sharn - Shops)

District Type: Shops
Buildings: Temple (Kol Korran), Shrines (Olladra, Onatar), average lodging (25), average food (60), exotic trades (24), upscale trades (120), average
trades (190), poor trades (30), upscale services (30), average services (60)
First Impression: Handsome towers of red marble and granite packed with various shops and crafters offer a seemingly endless array of goods. The brick hanging streets are filled with milling customers and the occasional unfortunate begging for copper and silver.
Social Class: Middle class
Location: Sharn, Upper Dura

One of the newer districts, Redstone is less than two hundred years old and many of the respectable crafters from the Bazaar of Middle Dura have moved here in recent years. The architects sought to overcome the negative perceptions of Dura, and the stonework is beautiful. Much of it was crafted using red marble from Rose Quarry, once a thriving Cyran supplier which now lies in ruins in Darguun. The rest of the towers consist of red granite and brick. With a host of subtle variations in shade, the towers present a striking sight, especially in the light of the setting sun.
Redstone has grown into one of the largest centers for commerce in the city, nearly twice the size of Granite Halls. Almost any sort of honest trade can be found in Redstone, from bakers to wigmakers. There are two banks in Redstone, including a Kundarak enclave and the smaller Lorrean Bank, a family business belonging to one of the sixty great families of Sharn. The district also contains workhouses that draw on the population of Overlook, including a glassworks and a textile factory.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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