Rhukaan Draal

Metropolis, 82,460

The heart of Rhukaan Draal was once a frontier Cyran town; over the last two decades it has grown into a sprawling goblinoid metropolis. Rough yet functional Ghaal’dar architecture creates a city of patchwork styles and materials. The most impressive structure is the royal palace; dissatisfied with the work of his kindred, the Lhesh Haruuc hired the stonemasons of House Cannith to build his home and fortress, called Khaar Mbar’ost, or Red House (literally, “blood-colored fortified dwelling”). This ten-story tower of red granite dominates the skyline of Rhukaan Draal.
Virtually all the hobgoblin clans have representatives at Haruuc’s court, though the Dhakaani clans maintain a particularly low profile; their agents monitor events for their lords but try not to attract attention to the activities of their clans. The Ghaal’dar goblinoids are known for their skill in battle, not for their artistry with crafts. As a result, the market of Rhukaan Draal is mainly a place to trade for imported goods.
The laws of the city are simple, and the hobgoblins take little interest in the history of their guests. As a result, many criminals flee to Rhukaan Draal to avoid justice, and smugglers can freely sell goods in the marketplace that would put them on the wrong side of the law in Breland or Thrane.

Note: The novels in the Heirs of Dhakaan series use Rhukaan Draal quite a bit as a setting.

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