Riedran Crysteel

The Inspired lords of Riedra supervise the mining of a crystalline substance that can be alloyed w ith iron to form Riedran crysteel. Crysteel makes excellent weapons, and the crystalline component makes them resonate with psionic power. When wielded by a character who has at least 1 power point, a crysteel weapon gains a +1 enhancement bonus on damage rolls.
Riedran crysteel has hardness 10 and 20 hit points per inch of thickness. Items made of crysteel are susceptible to the shatter spell, but gain a +4 bonus on their saving throws to resist it because the crystal is alloyed with iron.
Price: The market price modifier for a crysteel weapon is +1,500 gp. Items without metal parts cannot be made from Riedran crysteel.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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