Rildo And Wallan's Fish Stall

An offensively smelling stall in the center of the market. It is hung with fish of all types that can be found in the Dagger River. They are touted as being 'Mostly fresh', and true to their word, most of the fish you get will be between 1 - 3 days old, being that it's every 2 days Wallan, or occasionally Rildo, goes out on the water again. Occasionally a bad fish will make it's way into the pile, if Thwack gets careless, and a customer or two has had a resultant bad night in the latrine.

Workers: Rildo Hoberwash (Human Male Commoner 1) - A fat friendly man. He is the face of the business, usually working the counter bartering with potential buyers. Has an excellent memory, and always recognizes a return customer.

Wallan Hoberwash (Human Male Commoner 1)- He's a skinny harsh looking man. Obviously the one who does the most fishing of the two. His face is weathered from days spent out on the water, and he squints through two barely visible slits for eyes, permanently squeezed almost shut. He is the youngest of the two.

Thwack Fishgut (Goblin Male Commoner 1) - Dressed in a leather Apron overtop of grimy fishgut stained grey cotton shirt and brown leather breetches. His skin matches that of the grey dead fish that litter the stall. He's a local that was hired by the two brothers, for a grand total of 3 cp a day, 4 if they do well.

Wares: Differs by Season

Cold Season - Sypheros (Oct) - Therendor (March)

Fish Cost Notes
Daggerhead Trout 2cp Small trout, pointed nose, favorite of Goblins
Black Pike 4cp Long Pike, up to 20lbs, Sharp teeth that can cut lines
Bluefin Bitterfish 3cp Flat like a plate, has a bitter taste (Know Nature DC 20 Has a natural poison in it's body)
Sharn Mirror Carp 4sp Medium-small fish, Has very large shiny scales, prized for it's spell component uses

Warm Season - Eyre(April) - Rhaan(Sept)

Fish Cost Notes
Daggerhead Trout 2cp Small trout, pointed nose, favorite of Goblins
Brown Gorgon Head 5cp Long and fat ugly fish. Named for it's two horns. Cannith often serves this fish for informal dinners.
White Winged Gullfish 2sp Only found around Sharn, mutated by it's magic. Has grown small wings which allow it to briefly hop out of the water
Bobtail Swipe Eel 4cp Looks like an arrow complete with Fletching, tough meat, hobgoblins enjoy
Thunder Seas Salmon 3cp Medium Sized Fat fish, a Staple in the southern areas
Greenback Bull Mackerel 2cp Small fish, swim in schools, easily netted, normally coastal
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