Rimefire Ice

This form of ice is found only in icebergs inhabited by rimefire eidolons. These icebergs are approximately 95% normal ice, but the remaining 5% consists of veins of pale blue ice that glows softly, providing illumination equal to that of a torch.
Rimefire ice is especially cold to the touch, and any creature that comes in contact with it takes 1 point of cold damage per round of contact. Any amount of resistance or immunity to cold or the Mark of Hleid feat provides complete protection from this cold damage.
The most unusual aspect of rimefire ice is that it is approximately as flammable as wood; it does not melt when heat is applied to it. Burning rimefire ice does not deal fire damage, though, even if it is ignited by an open flame. Rather, burning rimefire ice deals cold damage on anything unfortunate enough to get too close.
Rimefire ice could make an interesting material to forge weapons out of; rimefire ice has about the same amount of resilience and strength as wood. It cannot be used to make any appreciable armor, but it can be used to create any weapon that is normally made out of wood (or nearly completely of wood, as in the case of a spear or javelin).
Rimefire ice weapons glow with blue light, providing illumination to a 20-foot radius. They also deal +1 point of cold damage on each successful hit. Since rimefire is workable as wood, it can be used to build any object that can normally be made of wood. Rimefire ice objects glow blue, provide illumination as a torch, and retain their ability to cause 1 point of cold damage per round of contact to anything touching it.
Rimefire ice brought into warmer climates does not melt into water; it melts into thick white clouds of water vapor with great rapidity. Each minute a piece of rimefire ice is exposed to temperatures above 40° F, it takes 1d6 points of damage (this damage overcomes the ice’s hardness and is not halved, as is most energy damage applied to objects). For each additional 10 degrees hotter than this, the ice takes an additional 1d6 points of damage per round.
Rimefire ice has 5 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 3.
Source: Frostburn

Type of Rimefire Ice Item Item Cost Modifier
Weapon +750 gp
Other objects +500 gp/lb.
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