Experience Awards
Teamwork Benefits - A list of Teamwork Benefits and explanation.
Trainable Benefits - These are minor benefits that can be trained for a price.


Religous Conversion - Converting people to your god.
Salient Divine Abilities -
Divine Ranks
Creating a God

Everyday Adventuring

Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells
Carrying Capacity - How much something can carry before being encumbered.
Substance Hardness and Hit Points - A list of various materials and their hardness.

Gambling - Dice, Cards, Darts, Jousting, Arm-Wrestling and so on.
Drinking -
Jousting - Complete Warrior
Gladiator Matches- Complete Warrior
Archery Contest- Complete Warrior
Conjurer Chess- Complete Warrior
Chase Rules

Cold Dangers
Heat Dangers
Taint - From Heroes of Horror, evil blight on your soul.

Performing an Autopsy - Homebrew rules

Item Creation

Magic Item Creation - Rules concerning and how to determine price.
Rules for creating a graft - Elemental Graft, Deathless Graft, Plant Graft(MoE) and Construct Graft (FoE) are all included.
Magic Runes - Physical systems of magic, a list of runes, their associations and a system for their use.

Property Ownership

Running a Business
Building a Stronghold
Stronghold Staff
Hirelings - A compilation of all hirelings from the various supplements.
Ruling an Island - Rules for ruling Wolfran Island, construction and hero protection.
Running a Kingdom - Pathfinder's rules for players ruling over a kingdom.

DM Rules

Improving Monsters

Adding Hit Dice
Saving Throw Progression
Special Abilities - Monstrous special abilities and class abilities.


Recognition and Victory Points - An explanation of the point system, and explanation of military rank and promotion and decoration prerequistes.
Eberron ranks
Morale Check - In the context of War
Rally Check - In the context of War

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