This special metal is derived from normal bronze, though prepared by alchemical and arcane means so as to have some power in the magical realm without being magical itself. It appears as common bronze, only carved with runes and arcane symbols all over. Only weapons with parts normally fashioned of steel can be made into runebronze weapons; thus a halberd can be a runebronze item, while a club cannot.
Runebronze weapons count as magic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction, though they are not truly magical themselves. A runebronze weapon imposes a –1 penalty on all damage rolls.
Runebronze ammunition costs an additional ten gold pieces; runebronze weapons cost an additional 400 gold pieces. For example, 20 runebronze arrows cost a total of 11 gold pieces, while a masterwork runebronze scimitar costs 715 gold pieces.
Runebronze has ten hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 8.

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