Sahuagin Temple Of The Devourer

Deep in the Thunder Sea, a jagged skerry has been adopted as a shrine to the god as well as an indoctrination and breeding center for young sahuagin.
Upper Level: This level of the shrine is a natural cave and is largely dry.
1. Spawning Pool. A winding tunnel opens into a large chamber with a saltwater spawning pool at its center, which contains a dozen very young sahuagin. A senior priestess (female sahuagin cleric 10) guards the hatchlings and commands the troops inhabiting this level.
2. Barracks. This smaller cave is a sleeping area for four temple guards (sahuagin fighter 6). At any given time, two are resting here, one is in the main chamber, and one patrols the waters outside the entrance.
3. Nether Passage. A forking passage ends in a steep natural chimney that drops about 10 feet to the middle level of the shrine. This exit is defended by a fierce temple hunter (male four-armed sahuagin ranger 8).
4. Stores. This cul-de-sac serves as a storage area, containing supplies for the temple, weapons and potions, religious equipment, and so forth. No door or lock defends it, but a trap in the corridor unleashes a torrent of poisoned spears.
Poisoned Spear Trap: CR 8; mechanical; proximity trigger; repair reset; Atk +21 ranged (1d8 plus poison, spear); poison (deathblade, Fortitude DC 20,
1d6 Con/2d6 Con); multiple targets (1d6 spears per target in a 10-ft.-by-10-ft. area); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 22.

Middle Level: This area is partially water-filled, roughly waist-deep to a Medium humanoid.
5. Training Room. Another large natural cavern serves as a training room for temple hunters, as well as a convenient spot to dispose of troublesome intruders. Two 6th-level rangers and four Large sharks operate in here. A water-filled artificial tunnel to the shrine proper opens from the bottom of this cave, and the hunters and sharks patrol back and forth between the areas.
6. Cell. A barred chamber contains what appears to be an aquatic elf prisoner (actually a 9th-level malenti sorcerer). This ruse is a fallback against attackers who get past the defenses to this point. The malenti is in contact with the cleric and the ranger in the upper level and enters the “prison cell” when warned of intruders.
If possible, he assists the hunters in the training room with subtle spells, trying not to draw attention to himself as anything other than a helpless captive. When not in the cell, this malenti undertakes spying missions for the temple. A secret exit at the back of the cell connects to a hidden tunnel (both Search DC 20).
7. The Loop. This ring-shaped tunnel apparently has no exits. A room has been hollowed out of the coral center, with hidden peepholes to allow observation. An 8th-level underpriestess watches this area. Two secret doors (Search DC 20) allow quick exit to either side.
8. Treasure Room. Temple treasure, mostly offerings of jewelry and golden objects, is stored in a hollowedout vault with a well-concealed door (Search DC 24). Stacks of sacrifices’ bones form a grisly dais with the treasures heaped upon it. The chimney from the upper level opens into this chamber, defended by a roper that looks like a coral projection. Many of the bones in here are the remains of its feasts.

Bottom Level: The lowest reaches contain the shrine proper and are completely submerged.
9. Shrine of the Devourer. This great chamber has room to hold dozens of worshipers at a time. At its center is a raised platform decorated with coral and bone carvings of fierce sea monsters and bloody battle. The high priest of the temple is not a sahuagin but an adult black dragon, Tuorachthend, who also uses this chamber as her lair. The dragon’s personal hoard lies piled deep under the black water; she hides beneath the surface most of the time, except when performing ceremonies.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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