Salient Divine Abilities

Alter Form
Alter Reality
Alter Size
Annihilating Strike
Arcane Mastery
Area Divine Shield
Automatic Metamagic
Call Creatures
Command Plants
Control Creatures
Craft Artifact
Create Object
Create Greater Object
Divine Air Mastery
Divine Archery
Divine Armor Mastery
Divine Bard
Divine Battle Mastery
Divine Blast
Divine Blessing
Divine Celerity
Divine Creation
Divine Dodge
Divine Druid
Divine Earth Mastery
Divine Fast Healing
Divine Fire Mastery
Divine Glibness
Divine Inspiration
Divine Monk
Divine Paladin
Divine Radiance
Divine Rage
Divine Ranger
Divine Recall
Divine Rogue
Divine Shield
Divine Skill Focus
Divine Sneak Attack
Divine Spell Focus
Divine Spellcasting
Spell Slots Above 9th Level

Divine Splendor
Divine Storm
Divine Water Mastery
Divine Weapon Focus
Divine Weapon Mastery
Divine Weapon Specialization
Energy Burst
Energy Storm
Extra Energy Immunity
Extra Sense Enhancement
Free Move
Frightful Presence
Gift Of Life
Grow Creature
Hand Of Death
Increased Damage Reduction
Increased Energy Resistance
Increased Spell Resistance
Indomitable Strength
Instant Counterspell
Instant Move
Irresistible Blows
Irresistible Performance
Know Death
Know Secrets
Lay Curse
Lay Quest
Life And Death
Life Drain
Mass Divine Blast
Mass Life And Death
Master Crafter
Mind Of The Beast
Possess Mortal
Power Of Luck
Power Of Nature
Power Of Truth
See Magic
Shift Form
Speak With Creatures
Spontaneous Wizard Spells
Sunder And Disjoin
Supreme Initiative
True Knowledge
True Shapechange
Undead Mastery
Undead Qualities
Wave Of Chaos
Wound Enemy

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