Secrets Of Xen'drik Monsters
Monster Type CR Note
Alchemy Beetle Small Construct 2 A construct beetle which possibly explodes when destroyed, can be acid, cold, electricity or fire. Players can build with Craft Construct for 4,000gp + 240 xp
Dream Serpent Large Magical Beast 6 Has wisdom draining poison, sleep spell, climb and swim speed.
Giant, Jungle Large Giant 8 Woodland Stride, usually partners with Dire Tigers
Giant, Primordial Giant Added Template Same as Base Creature Inherited template added to any giant. Gains either Invisibility, Invisibility purge or Levitate; Spell-like abilities have +1 Caster Level, Gain one knowledge skill as class skill, +2 Spellcraft and Use Magic Device
Scorrow Large Aberration 7 Drow mixed with Scorpion, Has poison (1d6 Con/1d6 Con, Fort DC 18) and Favored Enemy (Animals, Giants, Magical Beasts)
Tentacle Spider Medium Aberration 2 Writhing Web ability entangles as if in a net, from 50 feet away
Warforged, Quorcraft Construct (Warforged Template) Same as base Created by the Quori, they are super strong and tough to kill. Becomes construct rather than living construct.
Warforged Scorpion Large Construct 6 Acid Spray 1/day
Yuan-Ti Wretchling Medium Aberration (Yuan-Ti) 1 Humanoid feral snake thing, can deliver poison (DC 11, 1d4 Con/1d4 Con) with a bite and has poison resistance
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