Seventh Tower

District Type: Fine shops
Buildings: Upscale lodging (15), upscale food (25), exotic trades (40), upscale trades (120), upscale residences (80)
First Impression: Stores, restaurants, hotels, and a few townhomes in this prosperous neighborhood appear high-priced and lavish.
Social Class: Upper class

Named for its most prominent architectural feature, Seventh Tower holds the distinction of being the finest shopping district in Menthis Plateau. A number of rare book dealers and antiquities shops set it apart from similar districts, such as Platinum Heights in Upper Central.

  • Galdin’s Garden: By general consensus, one of the finest restaurants in Sharn is Galdin’s Garden. An elegant setting for a fine meal situated at the top of Seventh Tower, a garden of exotic and fragrant flowers, particularly roses and orchids, surrounds the establishment. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, and some of the tables offer views of the distant ocean to the south on (the relatively rare) clear days. The menu consists of spicy Brelish offerings, while the wine list includes the best vintages from the Eldeen Reaches and Aundair.
  • Little Xen’drik: The top level of Thurias Tower gained the appellation of Little Xen’drik because of the six antiquities dealers there. The dealers maintain a tremendous rivalry, each sponsoring expeditions to Xen’drik and offering the finest gold of the realm for items brought back from that far-away land.
  • Jaster Mekdall (N male elf expert 3/wizard 2) owns the Mekdall Gallery. He is gloomy and frequently moans about being cheated by his customers, but he charges decent prices.
  • Haga Wissel (NE female human expert 2/rogue 4) owns Echoes of the Past. She is cheerful and friendly but extremely hard-nosed about prices. She has been accused of having connections to House Tarkanan and even paying burglars to steal items from other collectors.
  • Kidro Osanak (N male gnome expert 8) owns Window on Yesterday. A wizened old gnome, Kidro harbors a deep resentment toward Haga Wissel, and though he can’t prove it, believes that she has stolen items from his shop. One of the only dealers in Little Xen’drik with more interest in the historical knowledge contained in his treasures than in their monetary worth, Kidro often sponsors the most challenging expeditions.
  • Biballin Postar (CG male halfling expert 4) owns Postar’s Jewelry Art Gallery, which specializes in the adornments of ancient Xen’drik. He is absent-minded and keeps completely irregular hours, but can be counted on to pay the best price for jewelry related to either the drow or the giants of the ancient and mostly forgotten kingdoms.
  • Reina Doiran (NG female human expert 2/sorcerer 6) owns Cloud Antiquities. Flamboyant and eccentric, she judges items quickly based on her own aesthetic sense rather than their historic value, and pays more for items that intrigue and appeal to her than for dusty trinkets of more scholarly worth.
  • Reina’s twin sister, Fista Doiran (NG female human expert 8) owns the Doiran Gallery (which once belonged to their parents) and has the opposite personality and artistic disposition. This allows them to get along amazingly well, and the twins cooperate in business dealings despite a strong sense of rivalry.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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