Shae Lias

District Type: Elf neighborhood
Buildings: Temples (Onatar, the Undying Court), shrines (Aureon, the Undying Court), upscale lodging (5), upscale food (15), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (63), upscale services (20), upscale residences (120)
First Impression: The district is filled with beautifully sculpted statues of long-dead elves. Densewood warriors stand guard at the gates of townhouses, while statues of priests and honored elders are spread throughout plazas and open-air orchards. The residents move quietly among these statues of the dead, carrying out their daily activities with silent grace.
Social Class: Upper class

While naturalized elves can be found throughout Sharn, Shae Lias is a bastion for the values and traditions of the elves of Aerenal. Orchard balconies ring the neighborhood; the restaurants of the district own some of these, while others are open to the public for purposes of meditation and reflection. In addition to serving as a residential district for Aerenal expatriates, it is a source for a wide range of elven craftwork, woodwork, and furniture. The district also includes a handful of more exotic establishments, a few of which are outlined below.

The Gates of Passage: This densewood structure is the physical and spiritual heart of Shae Lias. Dedicated to the Undying Court, it serves as crypt, temple, and embassy. Citizens of Aerenal who die in Sharn are embalmed in the Gates and preserved until their remains can be transported back to the island kingdom. Mayne Jhaelian and the other priests act as spiritual advisers and political ambassadors, performing in the interests of citizens of Aerenal. Jhaelian has ties to the Deathguard of Aerenal, and it is possible that he might ask adventurers to help resolve a situation involving the Blood of Vol or other undead menaces.
The House of Repose: The elves of Aerenal know more about caring for the dead than any other culture on Eberron, and the embalmers and crypt builders of the House of Repose have served many of the wealthiest families in Sharn. Many of the crypts, tombs, and shrines in the City of the Dead are the work of these elf artisans.
The Oaks: Known as one of the finest restaurants in the city, the Oaks rests on one of the vast balconies of the Nowen Tower. Patrons dine in an elaborate, two-story open-air pavilion, surrounded by the living trees from which the restaurant takes its name. The Oaks specializes in exotic Aerenal cuisine, but also serves a variety of traditional Brelish dishes, including pepper cider and spiced daggertrout. The owner, Maza Thadian (LN female elf commoner 17), has served as head chef for over 300 years, and is respected throughout the district for her wisdom and common sense. Six years ago, Maza assumed the position of Councilor for Upper Northedge, and today she leaves most of the restaurant work to her sons, Meryn and Malys; however, she can still be coaxed to perform her culinary miracles for special patrons.
Nightshade: Part apothecary, part tavern, Nightshade caters to those who wish to explore the mysteries of death. Some of its patrons are necromancers or devout followers of the Undying Court, while others are jaded youths or thrill-seeking aristocrats. In addition to the traditional funerary dishes of Aerenal, Nightshade serves beverages tainted with weak poisons designed to bring the diner to the edge of death. It is unusual for a client to actually die; the servers are trained in resuscitation and keep antitoxin on hand. But accidents do happen.
The Silver Bough: Aerenal is known for its exotic woods, including bronzewood, darkwood, and livewood. The elves who can turn leaf and tree into arms and armor are known as woodshapers, and Tanar Mendyrian (N male elf wizard 3/magewright 10) is one of the finest in Khorvaire. While he is best known for his darkwood bows, Tanar also produces leafweave, darkleaf, and bronzewood armor, and he takes commissions to shape melee weapons from the exotic woods. While most of his goods are merely of masterwork quality, Tanar can create weapons or armor with an enhancement bonus of up to +4. However, he takes great pride in these treasures and is careful about his clientele; anyone that wants an enchanted item must win Tanar’s respect (DC 25 Diplomacy check; elves receive a +5 circumstance bonus) before the woodshaper accepts the commission.
The Winding Root: This gallery showcases the work of over a dozen elf artisans. Much of the work in the Winding Root is wooden sculpture, but the gallery also sells tapestries, jewelry, and even clothing. The goods sold at the Winding Root are of the highest quality, often representing years or even decades of work, and the prices reflect their perfection. When someone needs to find a gown or suit to wear to the Brelish Court, the Winding Root is a great place to visit—but the prices keep the gallery out of reach of all but the wealthiest citizens of Sharn.
If someone wants to sell her work in the Winding Root, she must speak to the owner, Jhaia Thesaelia (N female elf commoner 7). Jhaia is only interested in the work of elven artisans, and items must have been produced with a minimum Craft skill check of DC 30. Her initial attitude is indifferent, and at this level she charges a 20% commission to sell an item. If she is friendly toward the artist, she drops her commission to 15%; if helpful, the cost is reduced to 10%.
The Veil of Flesh: This is a studio for body art, including traditional tattoos and the elven techniques that give the living the appearance of death. Depending on the purse and the desires of the client, the effects of either procedure can be permanent or temporary.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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