Sharn Inquisitive

Newspaper which is released on Sul (Sunday) throughout Sharn.

Date Stories
Zarantyr 1 998YK 1 'Lost 39th' Regiment Emerges From Talorn Reach; 2 Tower Collapse Was Sabotage, Watch Says
Zarantyr 8 998YK 1 Crown Names ir'Saldivar to Dark Lantern Post; 2 Prince Aejar’s Climbing Expedition to Mount Herrian Overdue
Zarantyr 15 998YK 1 Researchers Crack Code of Vvaraak; 2 Sharn Guard Breaks Mysterious Cult; 18 Dead
Zarantyr 22 998YK 1 Lyrandar Investigates Mysterious Lights; 2 Freak Windstorm Wreaks Havoc; 3 Q’barran Settlements Under Siege
Olarune 1 998YK 1 Search for Missing Royal Aide Continues; 2 Earthquakes Raise Eruption Concerns
Olarune 8 998YK 1 Livestock Deaths Puzzle Ranchers; 2 Investigator: Motive Unclear in Slaying
Olarune 15 998YK 1 Gaps Exist in Graywall Defenses; 2 Calls for End to Fortress Moves
Olarune 22 998YK 1 Shipwrecks May Mark Pirate Escalation; 2 Karrn Employed Necromancy
Therendor 1 998YK 1 POW Protests Rock Sharn Towers; 2 Droaam Hordes Press Graywall Defenders
Therendor 8 998YK 1 Prince Halix Enrolls at Rekkenmark Academy; 2 Lhazaar Investment Pacts Announced
Therendor 15 998YK 1 Mysterious Riedran Monoliths under Construction; 2 Arson Suspected in String of Shop Fires
Therendor 22 998YK 1 Breland Apologizes for Arrest of Orien Scion 2 Wolfran Manor Destroyed, Island Custody is Debated
Eyre 1 998YK 1 Korranberg Library Shares Genealogical Records with Karrnathi Cult
Eyre 8 998YK 1 Mournland Incursion Devastates Village
Eyre 15 998YK 1 Red Gauntlet Regiment Reunites in Sharn
Eyre 22 998YK 1 Gladiator Fight Legalization
Dravago 1 998YK 1 Stormhold District Quarantined
Dravago 8 998YK 1 Bounty on Lightning Rail Raiders
Dravago 15 998YK 1 Murders Tied to Pamphlets
Dravago 22 998YK 1 Eldeen Wolves Seize Expedition, 2 Court-Martial Convicts Tardalis
Nymm 1 998YK 1 Security Planned for Barrakas Summit, 2 General’s Family: The End is Near
Nymm 8 998YK 1 "Mad Mapmaker" on Exhibit at Morgrave, 2 Relief Convoy Attacked in Western Aundair
Nymm 15 998YK 1 Girallons Rage Through Stoneyard
Nymm 22 998YK 1 Anti-Dismantlement Bill Stalls in Parliament
Lharvion 1 998YK 1 Special Report: Black Airship Sighted over Eastern Breland
Lharvion 8 998YK 1 Lhazaar Volcano Erupts
Lharvion 15 998YK 1 Crown Affirms Explorer Rights
Lharvion 22 998YK 1 Mykiro Harudden Collapses Onstage, 2 Tornadoes Emerge From Mournland
Barrakas 1 998YK 1 Breland Calls for Crackdown on Path of the Howl, 2 Smoke from Wildfires Darkens Skies Over Vedykar
Barrakas 8 998YK 1 Horacht Sighted at Rekkenmark Graduation, 2 Hero Adventurers Fend off Bandits and Stop Out of Control Lightning Rail
Barrakas 15 998YK 1 Ir'Kalain Urges Q'Barran Emigration
Barrakas 22 998YK 1 Wyverns Menace Northern Zilargo, 2 Clan Soldorak Announces ‘Khorvaire’s Deepest’ Mine in Goradra Gap, 3 Sons of Siberys Stop Crusading Fallen Paladin
Rhaan 1 998YK 1 Fairhaven Plagued by Serial Arsonist, 2 Speech at Grand Stage gets Explosive Results
Rhaan 8 998YK 1 Sabotage Suspected at Recent Bridge Collapses
Rhaan 15 998YK 1 Lord of Blades Taken Down by Brelish Adventurers, 2 Anticipation Builds for New Roll of Honor
Rhaan 22 998YK 1 Tower 312 is Missing
Sypheros 1 998YK 1 Dragonshard Prices Skyrocket
Sypheros 8 998YK 1 Blackfeather Slayings Solved by Local Inquisitive 2 Duke ir'Askranno Sentenced to Dreadhold After Rambling Confession
Sypheros 15 998YK 1 Rampaging Dragon Menaces Karrnathi Countryside
Sypheros 22 998YK 1 House Lyrandar Mulls New Airship Routes
Aryth 1 998YK 1 Karrnathi Necro-Arsenals Remain Hidden, 2 Six Perish in Fire at Calendar Shop
Aryth 8 998YK 1 "Charger" Chaussinar Dies at 57
Aryth 15 998YK 1 Early Snows Close Graywall Passes 2 Fort Bones Announces Bounty on the 'Night Asp'
Aryth 22 998YK 1 'Gold Falling Off the Wagons' of Blackcap Prospector
Vult 1 998YK 1 Watch Promises Extra Patrols for Long Shadows, 2 Q’Barran Ziggurat Rises 30 Feet into Midair
Vult 8 998YK 1 "Lilygatherer" Corruption Trial Opens
Vult 15 998YK 1 Countess ir’Hilyark Flees Wedding; Whereabouts Unknown
Vult 22 998YK 1 Prince Oargev Slams Slow Pace of Cyran Rebuilding

Date Stories
Zarantyr 1 999YK 1 Flamewind Issues Annual Riddle of the Three Stars
Zarantyr 8 999YK 1 Bitter Sea Shipwreck Survivors Launched Distress Call
Zarantyr 15 999YK 1 Arranash Execution Set for Midnight
Zarantyr 22 999YK 1 "Reconstruction Decree" Business Licenses Available Today
Olarune 1 999YK 1 Karrnath Decries New Elf Fortress in Talenta Plains
Olarune 8 999YK 1 Silver Flame Protests at Morgrave University Enter Fourth Day
Olarune 15 999YK 1 Valley of Obelisks Girds for Sunthaw Gathering
Olarune 22 999YK 1 ‘Lucky Sabletufts’ Stolen from Crystal Bridge Art Patron
Therendor 1 999YK 1 Revival of Q’barran Wyvern Hunt Takes 12 Wyverns
Therendor 8 999YK 1 Guildhouse Robber Standoff Continues; Fate of Captives Uncertain
Therendor 15 999YK 1 ‘Silent Plague’ Quarantine Lifted for Smoky Towers
Therendor 22 999YK 1
Eyre 1 999YK 1 Carnival of the Sublime Opens Next Week
Eyre 8 999YK 1 ‘Last Heir of the Noldruns’ Seeks Iron Council Audience
Eyre 15 999YK 1 Breland Commissions New Warships to Combat Southern Pirates
Eyre 22 999YK 1 Dozens Claim to Have Seen Lantern-Bearer of Keshaware
Dravago 1 999YK 1 Drystone Pulls Out of Korranberg Statuary Competition
Dravago 8 999YK 1 Rampaging Elementals Blamed for Thrane Wildfires
Dravago 15 999YK 1 Low Tides May Reveal Wreckage of Karrn ‘Tribute Fleet’
Dravago 22 999YK 1 Repairs Interrupt Starilaskur-Sterngate Lightning Rail, 2 Dozens of Fugitives at Large After Harrowgard Prison Break
Nymm 1 999YK 1 ‘Dragonslayer’ Sniper Claims Sixth Victim
Nymm 8 999YK 1 Rivals ir’Tannak and ir’Lann Join Forces for Attainder Bill, 2 Crowds Expected for Morgrave Graduation
Nymm 15 999YK 1 Last Starwind Sailor Dies at 184
Nymm 22 999YK 1 Key Advisor to Crown Retires, 2 Brideveil Waterfall Reverses Course
Lharvion 1 999YK 1 "War Widow" Land Grant Lottery Set for 28th of Barrakas
Lharvion 8 999YK 1 Council Aspirant Says Midnight Battery Was ‘No Doubt’ Politically Motivated, 2 Sudden Retirements Leave Phiarlan Musicians in Demand
Lharvion 15 999YK 1 Karrnathi Laborers Make Grisly Find
Lharvion 22 999YK 1 Thrane Promises Return of Minnarek Friezes, 2 Four Bodies Found in Burned Carriage
Barrakas 1 999YK 1 Aundair Army Captures Rebel Leader
Barrakas 8 999YK 1 Feathered Serpents Seen Writhing Above Sharn
Barrakas 15 999YK 1 Forward Sora Kell Petition to Thronehold, Karrnathi Ambassador Says
Barrakas 22 999YK 1 Ambassador Protests Warhorse Sales
Rhaan 1 999YK 1 Dream Serpent Hides Become Fashion for Caravan Dancers
Rhaan 8 999YK 1 Cliffside Lift Operators Warned to Return to Work
Rhaan 15 999YK 1 Earthquakes near Mror Volcano Raise Eruption Concerns
Rhaan 22 999YK 1 Thrane Decorates ‘Bridge of Stars’ for Anniversary Festival
Sypheros 1 999YK 1 Dozens Slain in Old Soldiers’ Home Massacre
Sypheros 8 999YK 1 Guards Thwart Wizardry Attack on City Hall
Sypheros 15 999YK 1 Invitations Sent for Conqueror Tourney
Sypheros 22 999YK 1 Mysterious ‘Red Box’ Packages Found Across Sharn
Aryth 1 999YK 1 Thrane Archbishop: Poisoned Cider Intended for Soldiers
Aryth 8 999YK 1 Rumored Creation Forge a Hoax
Aryth 15 999YK 1 Banditry Delays Airship’s Maiden Voyage
Aryth 22 999YK 1 Land Grants Delayed for Warforged Veterans
Vult 1 999YK 1 Ghost Ship Sighted South of Sharn
Vult 8 999YK 1 Misshapen Giants Emerge From Mournland, Attack Keep
Vult 15 999YK 1 Hundreds Head East in Karrnathi Land Rush
Vult 22 999YK 1 Last of ‘Exchequer Conspirators’ to be Hanged Tomorrow

Local performer accused of high treason and executed
Gaelan Dal'Thuris was executed at dawn. He had been accused of being a spy for the warforged Lord of Blades. It is believed that he was using his acting troupe The Swift Serenades as a cover for his covert operations.
A helmet that he owned which made him appear like a warforged warrior was the only evidence that police officials needed to convict him. He claimed that the helmet was merely a prop, but the anonymous tipster who led the police on their chase had told them that the helmet was a gift from the Lord of Blades himself to allow him safe passage into the Mournlands in the event that he was discovered.
With this damning evidence the police awoke the chief justice in the middle of the night and the trial was commenced immediately.
It is a great day indeed and we should all feel safe knowing that such treachery is taken seriously in Sharn and that officials are so good at doing their jobs to keep everyone safe. Justice has not failed.

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