Sharn Shops

Inns and Taverns

Name Type Location Notes
Weary Unicorn Tavern/Inn Hareth's Folly Torion's Fave Pub
The King of Fire Tavern Hareth's Folly Gambling in Back
The Gray Sword Tavern High Walls Had rat problem, gives party free meals
Slogar's Restaurant Graywall Karnnathi Fare, dim Ambience
Gray Dragon Inn Inn Platinum Heights Hosts Visiting Dignitaries and high rollers
Sannid's Restaurant Restaurant Platinum Heights Fine International Food
Marquan's Rooms for Let Longer-rental Inn Boldrei's Hearth Home to a Radiant Idol Cult
Ellfate's Eatery Restaurant In Olladra's Kitchen Specializes in Omelettes


Name Type Location Notes
Rildo and Wallan's Fish Stall Fish Store (Poor) Wroann's Gate /
Ancient Blades Fine Magical Weapons and Armor Smith Deathsgate Looking for Glassteel


Name Type Location Notes
Wroann's Gate Vadalis Outpost Stabling and Hostelry Wroann's Gate /
Kundarak Bank of Sharn Bank and Security Deposit Korranath /


Name Type Location Notes
Sava’s Gallery Art Gallery Granite Halls /


Name Type Location Notes
Unnamed Rogue Tool-Shop Rogue tools Hidden somewhere In Progress
Mind over Matter Psionic Shop TBD In Progress
Aurora Gallery Magic Item Auction House Platinum Heights Needs goods
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