Sharn Tower Heist

Orion Warehouse

Consists of two levels, with the ground floor being mainly warehouse space for sorting and receiving. Upstairs are the main offices for administration and on-site housing as well as secure storages for special cargo. There are regular guard shifts out by the front door, and Ian's character has scouted out the shift change times when doing his recon as a homeless guy in front of the warehouse. When they went to move on it appears that Ian's character was compromised by Halfling thieves from the Boromar clan armed with drow paralysis darts.

Boromar Clan Liason - Jayce Elcapo
Boromar Halfling Thief
Orion Warehouse Chief -
Iron Defender
Magebred Draft Horse
Arcane Ballista

Bottom Floor
Top Floor

At conclusion of Heist. Belrack has gone into hiding and claims that he feels this is too dangerous for him to be involved with. Kip Loburn will act as his intermediary, but he seems to have gathered that members of his old unit are being hunted, by who he can't quite gather. He has his suspicions that it might be House Orion due to them having been the target of Operation Silver Bulette, an op that he remains fairly silent about.

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