Sharyn Goldenhair

Sharyn Goldenhair, female human Expert3 Sorceror3, is the middle child of three sisters. She runs the shop Sharyn's Cosmetics in the Redstone District in Sharn. Although her surname is Goldenhair, she usually does not have the trademark golden tresses of her sisters. This is because she is constantly experimenting with haircuts, colours and styles on herself. She is very beautiful and loves to dress in fine silks and jewelry that her sisters usually provide for her.
Sharyn is very curious about newcomers to the town and particularly in their styles. She is always on the look-out for any exotic new looks. She is single but rumor has it that she has a noble suitor from Fairhaven who has been paying her visits, much to the chagrin of her infatuated followers in Sharn.

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