Ships Boat

Tiny Auxiliary
Draft: Half a fathom
Structure Dice: 1d4 (2 sp)
Hardness: 5
Maneuverability: +2 (+2 size)
Speed: 15 ft./2 knots
Turn Rate: 32
AC: 12 (+2 size)
Weapons Fore: None (although can mount a swivel gun)
Weapons Aft: None (although can mount a swivel gun)
Weapons Broadside: None
Damage: None (although if mounted with a swivel gun, see damage for swivel gun)
Special Qualities: None
Crew: 5 (minimum 1)
Passengers: 7
Cargo: 1 ton
This is the generic type of boat kept as auxiliary vessels on larger sailing ships. They are used for boarding parties and landings. There is room in the vessel for up to a dozen individuals, and a ton of cargo, although for each person left off, an additional ton of cargo can be carried. The ships boat can be operated by a single person, but normally features 4 oarsmen operating two sets of oars, and a single pilot at the rudder.

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