Silverburn is a fine powder created by exposing pure silver to a mixture of alchemical substances and acids. The process breaks down the silver, leaving a powder that causes a mundane flame to burn a deep silver in hue. Even the smoke takes on a silver sheen. The Church of the Silver Flame uses silverburn for all manner of ceremonial purposes. They have even developed variants that produce different hues, by mixing other minerals in with the silver.
Silverburn has no effect on a flame’s brightness, though it has one side effect. Any creature with damage reduction overcome by silver weapons finds the luminous flames slightly uncomfortable, taking a –1 penalty on melee attacks while within the bright illumination created by such a fire. An ounce of silverburn affects a fire the size of a torch or lantern (or can be included in a candle during its creation); a pound is necessary to affect a bonfire or similar fire source. A single dose lasts for 30 minutes (or in the case of a candle, for its entire lifespan). Any light source that doesn’t actually include combustion (such as continual flame) is unaffected by silverburn.
Price 5 gp/ounce.

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