Type: Entertainment (Dreamlily Den)
Entertainers: Jix (CN female changeling expert 3), Salleon (CN male gnome illusionist 3)
Location: Sharn, Lower Dura, Callestan

Officially, Silvermist is a dream parlor secretly owned by the Boromar Clan—a place where illusions and glamers are used for the entertainment of guests. The regular entertainers include Jix (CN female changeling expert 3), a changeling who uses her natural powers to perform unusual one-woman ballets and operas, and Salleon (CN male gnome illusionist 3), an illusionist who fascinates audiences with bizarre and compelling hypnotic patterns. In addition, Silvermist is a dreamlily den—a place where people can buy and use dreamlily without fear of the law.

Dreamlily: 1gp/dose

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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