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Skill Synergies
Skill Tricks - From Complete Scoundrel

Skill Name Related Attribute Uses
Appraise Int Determine Value, Determine Value Quickly, Identify DwarvenCraft Object, Appraise a Performance
Autohypnosis (Psionics) Wis -
Balance Dex Keep Footing on Narrow, Difficult or unstable Surfaces, Charging or running across difficult surfaces, Resist Trip, Moving through Trees, Moving Shipboard
Bluff Cha Lie in Social Interactions, Feint in Combat, Create a Diversion, Appear Innocuous, Deliver Secret Message, Heckle Performance
Climb Str Climb Wall or Cliff, Create Handholds, Climb Tree, Catch Self When Falling, Repelling
Concentration Con Maintain Concentration, Resist Heckling
Control Shape (Lycanthropes) Wis Resist Involuntary Change, Trigger Voluntary Change
Craft Int Earn Money, Make Item by the week or by the day, Repair an Item, Preserve Raw Material
Decipher Script Int Decipher One Page of Text, Create/Break a Cipher, Encode/Decode a Page
Diplomacy Cha Change Attitude, Mediate, Haggle, Direct a Crowd
Disable Device Int Disarm Trap, Sabotage Device
Disguise Cha Alter Appearance, Impersonate, Disguise an Object's Function
Escape Artist Dex Escape from Restraint
Forgery Int Make a Forgery, Detect Forgery
Gather Information Cha Learn Information, Learn Organization Structure, Urban Tracking, Purchase Poisonmaking Materials, Buy Illegal Goods
Handle Animal Cha Make animal Perform Trick it knows, Perform a trick it Doesn't know, Make Forced March, Rear Wild Animal, Calm Frightened Animal, Teach an Animal a Trick, Train Animal for Purpose
Heal Wis First Aid (stabilize dying), Long Term Care, Treat Movement Injury, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Determine Cause of Death
Hide Dex Avoid being seen, Sniping, Blend into a Crowd, Move between Cover, Tailing Someone
Intimidate Cha Change Attitude, Demoralize Opponent, Direct Crowd
Jump Str Hop Up, Jump Down, Long Jump, High Jump, Swimming High Jump
Knowledge Int (Depending on Which Type) - Know about Subject, Determine Related Creature Traits, Deduce Related Command Words, Set Course, Find Weakness in Stronghold, Design Ship, Follow a Course, Interpret Tribal Tattoos, Know local Legends/lore/laws etc, Find your way in Criminal Underworld, Finding Resources, Determine time to Spoilage, Know Way around Royal Court, Identify Martial Arts/Fighting Style
Listen Wis Hear a Sound, Eavesdrop, Estimate Distance Underground
Martial Lore Wis? Tome of Battle
Move Silently Dex Move Silently
Open Lock Dex Open Lock
Perform Cha Put on Gladiatorial Performance, Put on a Show
Profession Wis Earn Money, (Depending on Which Type) - Horoscope, Argue Legal Case, Execution, Dig a mine, Keep Ship From Sinking, latch and load a Catapult
Psicraft (Psionics) - —-
Ride Dex Guide with Knees, Stay in Saddle, Fight with Warhorse, Use Mount as Cover, Soft Fall, Leap, Spur Mount, Control Mount in Battle, Fast Mount or Dismount, Calm Frightened Animal, Swim a Mount, Leap into Water
Search Int Search an Area, Frisk a Person, Determine an Object's Function, Find a Trail Sign
Sense motive Wis Avoid Being Bluffed, Hunch, Sense Enchantment, Discern Secret Message, Assess Opponent
Sleight of Hand Dex Palm an Object, Conceal Object, Steal/Pickpocket an Object, Put on a show, Conceal Spellcasting, Surprise off-hand Attack
Spellcraft Int Identify Spell, Identify Magic Effect, Learn, Prepare or Enhance a Spell, Cast a Fire Spell Underwater, Cast Impeded Magic
Spot Wis Observe Creature, Penetrate Disguise, Read Lips, Spot Favored Enemies, Find a Trail Sign
Survival Wis Survive in the Wild, Make Camp, Trailblazing, Tracking, Locate North, Survive Undergound, Survive in a City, Create a Trail Sign, Find a Trail Sign, Read a Trail sign, Find Parts for a Booby Trap, Harvest Poisonmaking Materials, Harvest Material Components
Swim Str Swim, Dive, Extra Breath
Tumble Dex Avoid Attacks of Oppurtunity when Moving, Put on a Show, Defensive Fighting, Free Stand, Reduce Damage From a Fall
Use Magic Device Cha Decipher Written Spell, Use a Spell Completion Item (Scroll/Schema), Use a Spell Trigger Item (Wand, Staff…), Emulate Class Feature, Ability Score, Race or Alignment, Activate Blindly
Use Psionic Device Cha Decipher Written Spell, Use a Power Completion Item (Power Stone), Use a Power Trigger Item (Dorje, etc…), Emulate Class Feature, Ability Score, Race or Alignment, Activate Blindly
Use Rope Dex Tie a Knot, Secure Grappling Hook, Bind Opponent, Splice Two Ropes Together, Repelling
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