Smoky Towers

District Type: Theater district
Buildings: Theaters (4), temple (Olladra), average lodging (10), poor lodging (30), average food (20), poor food (55), average trades (30), poor trades (60), average services (40), poor services (80), average residences (20), poor residences (40)
First Impression: Theaters, restaurants, and concert halls offer the promise of an evening’s musical entertainment in this district.
Social Class: Lower middle class

Smoky Towers is in some ways an extension of the Torchlight district directly below it, perhaps slightly better off in general but not much different in essentials. Smoky Towers is the entertainment district of Middle Menthis, known for dinner theaters, recital halls, and one grand theater. It presents a grade of entertainment that falls between the burlesque of Torchlight and the classical drama of the University District—affordable\ yet respectable, accessible yet thoughtful.
A small but significant number of people who trace their origin to Cyre have made their home in Smoky Towers. Although culturally they differ little from their Brelish neighbors, this community has become very active in the wake of Cyre’s destruction, discussing rebuilding or reestablishing the nation elsewhere in Khorvaire. The Citadel keeps the Cyran community here under close watch due to this potentially treasonous talk.
The Atrium: The Atrium, a recital hall in Kashik Tower, features an acoustically resonant open performance space with seating for about 300. For performers on the move in Menthis’s entertainment scene, the Atrium is a definite step up from most of the dinner theaters in the district, and many of its performers are only a few years away from being ready for the Kavarrah Concert Hall.
Classic Theater: The only major theater in Middle Menthis, the Classic lives up to its name by performing only traditional works written before the start of the Last War. While the Grand Stage in the University District also performs more recent works echoing the classical style, the Classic has a stated policy of not even considering new works. Every performance in the Classic features archaic language, outmoded social customs, and the idealistic outlook of a world that has utterly vanished from Khorvaire, yet its thousand seats fill up every night.
Mizano Rupa’s: Mizano Rupa’s is one of three important dinner theater venues in Smoky Towers that give rising stars a stop on their ascent between Gailan’s and Upper Menthis. Self-consciously named and styled in imitation of Gailan’s in the Torchfire district below, Rupa’s offers decent food and highquality entertainment in a variety of styles. Mizano Rupa (N male dwarf expert 3) is hardly a connoisseur of fine music, but he knows what he likes and—fortunately— his tastes seem to compare with those of many in Middle Menthis, making his establishment quite popular. Reservations are recommended.
Starfire Dragon: The Starfire Dragon offers a steady diet of entertainment accompanied by exquisite meals. In this case, however, the entertainment clearly takes a back seat to the food. Trying to compete in a crowded market, the Starfire Dragon’s owner, Amman Todav (NG male human warrior 2/fighter 2), has hired excellent cooks, and the restaurant’s menu offerings reflect the trouble he has gone to. Todav’s choice in entertainers is less discriminating, however; he lost a good portion ofhis hearing fighting in the Last War, and judges performers more on their looks than the quality of their performances. On a good night, the entertainment ranks with the best Middle Menthis has to offer. But the Starfire Dragon is gaining a reputation for showcasing a great number of beautiful women with mediocre singing voices.
Thovanic Hall: Similar to the Atrium, Thovanic Hall is a former theater converted to use as a recital hall. It is still very new (the renovation was completed only two years ago), and is still trying to build its reputation as a place for fi ne music to compete with the Atrium. As a distinguishing point, Thovanic presents a significant number of non-Brelish and even nonhuman performers, who bring diversity to the musical offerings that the residents of Middle Menthis find sorely lacking in the district’s other offerings.

Source: Sharn:City of Towers

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