Rare even in the abundant forests of Aerenal, soarwood possesses a magical buoyancy. Ships made from soarwood skim e ffortlessly over the surface of the water. Soarwood is a necessary component of the airships and elemental galleons manufactured by House Orien and House Cannith.
The speed of a boat or ship made from soarwood is double that of an equivalent boat made from ordinary wood, and the cost is four times normal.
Soarwood has the same physical characteristics as normal wood (hardness 5, 10 hit points per inch of thickness), but weighs only 75% as much.
Hardness: Soarwood has a hardness of 5 and 10 hp/inch of thickness.
Price: Anything made of Soarwood costs 4x as much as normal.
Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

Item Cost Weight
Soarwood galley 120,000 gp
Soarwood keelboat 12,000 gp
Soarwood longship 40,000 gp
Soarwood rowboat 200 gp 75 lb.
Soarwood sailing ship 40,000 gp
Soarwood warship 100,000 gp
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